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  • Espresso machine YOER Breve EM01W

Pressure: 15 bar, Power: 1100 W, Milk frothing system Espresso machine for ground coffee, Cup heating mode Built-in temperature indicator

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Espresso Machine YOER Breve EM01W



1. Cup heating plate

2. Function buttons

3. LED indicators

4. Funnel with double nozzle

5. Temperature indicator

6. Steam control knob

7. Milk frother

8. Removable drip tray





  • Removable water reservoir: 1,2 L (10 coffees)
  • Frothing system
  • Smooth steam control
  • Espresso machine made for ground coffee
  • Double dispenser allows for making of 2 coffees at once
  • Cup heating mode
  • Built-in temperature indicator
  • 2 coffee filters

Technical details

  • Pressure: 15 bar
  • Power: 1100 W
  • You can use cups up to 11cm in height with removed drip tray.
  • You can use cups up to 9cm in height with drip tray.
  • Weight: 3,4 kg
  • Dimensions: 30,5 cm (height) x 20 cm (width) x 27 cm (length)
  • Color: Black with silver decorative elements
  • Polish plug - 220-240V 50Hz






15 bar Pressure will allow You to extract the full taste abd aroma from the coffee and it will create a delicate crema on its surface.

 Frothing system - with the help of the milk frother and steam control knob You will instantly get warm frothed milk, ready to combine it with Your favourite coffee. You will be able to enjoy a coffe straight from the cafe right in Your own home.

Double dispenser and 2 filters allow You to prepare a single coffee or two cups at the same time. You will be able to serve aromatic coffee to Your guests in half the time in comparision to brewing it one by one.

 Build in thermometer with readable indicator of the temperature, will show You exactly what's the temperature of the coffee and the temperature of the milk while frothing it.







Cup heating mode - every barista will agree that good coffee is served in previously heated up cup. If you want to keep the ideal temperature and taste of the coffee, it shouldn't be too hot nor too cold. This function will pick the perfect temperature automatically.

Maximal height of the cups - design of this espresso machine allows you to use cups with height of 11cm (with drip tray removed) or 9cm (with drip tray)

Removable water reservoir with capacity of1,2 L - option of removing the reservoir will make filling, emptying and cleaning much easier. High capacity on the other side will be an ideal solution to family and business meetings. 

Removable drip tray - will make keeping the espresso machine clean way easier, and allows for the use of higher cups or mugs. 








1. Espresso machine
2. Funnel
3. Single coffee filter
4. Double coffee filter
5. Coffee scoop with tamper
6. Original box

You will recieve:

  • Espresso machine - details above 

  • Warranty card

  • Receit/VAT Invoice

  • PL/EN instruction manual

  • Kawa pyszna, prosta obsługa śliczny design czego więcej wymagać od sprzętu za tak rozsądną cenę. Polecam bardzo.
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  • Póki co sprawuje się bez zarzutu - robi kawę, ubija mleko. Stosunek jakości do ceny bardzo dobry.
    chagrin (2019-09-16)
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  • Produkt bardzo dobry i w rozsądnej cenie. Doceniam też to, że jest to sprzęt polskiego producenta. Instrukcja obsługi ok, choć nieprecyzyjne dla mnie było oznaczenie na pokrętle emisji pary. To można uściślić! W sumie - polecam! :)
    Joanna (2019-09-16)
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