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  • Combi coffee maker YOER DUALIO CCM03BK

Pressure: 15 Bar, Power: 850 W, Milk frothing functionality, Ground-coffee-ready coffeemaker, Cup preheat functionality.

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Color: Black
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2in1 pressure/drip coffeemaker Yoer Dualio CCM03BK




  1. Cup heater
  2. LED display
  3. Control panel
  4. Portafilter socket and portafilter
  5. Milk frother nozzle
  6. Removable tray and drip guard
  7. Steam dosage regulation knob
  8. Removable water tank
  9. Removable reusable filter
  10. Thermal cup
  11. Anti-slip base
  12. Brushed INOX steel body




  • 2in1 - pressure and drip coffeemaker - the perfect solution for real coffee lovers,
  • Pressure segment for making coffee with 15 Bar of pressure,
  • Drip segment with thermal cup for making traditional filter coffee,
  • Cup preheat functionality -  enables reaching an optimal cup temperature before making coffee,
  • Water tank with a capacity of 1.2 L (10 cups) -  the large capacity makes preparing a large number of cups of coffee easier, and the removability makes it effortless to fill, empty and clean,
  • 400 ml thermal cup - keeps the coffee hot for longer,
  • Milk frothing functionality with a convenient, smoothly regulated steam frother,
  • Backlit control panel - makes it easy to use the device and gives it an exclusive look,
  • Optimal ECO power of 850 W - enables operational readiness within 95 seconds as well as ensures energy savings,
  • Dual nozzle portafilter - allows making two cups of coffee at the same time,
  • Maximum cup height - the construction of the coffeemaker enables using cups with the maximum height of 15.9 cm in the pressure segment and 18.2 cm in the drip segment,
  • Removable drip tray - allows tidiness while using the coffeemaker,
  • Steam dosage regulation - enables setting the frothiness of the milk,
  • Ground coffee machine,
  • ECO functionality - the device automatically shuts down after 25 minutes of inactivity,
  • Anti-slip base - the base of the coffeemaker was designed to ensure the stability of the device,
  • Robust INOX steel body - the device was made of high quality brushed INOX steel.




Combined pressure and drip coffeemaker - a merge of drip and a high pressure coffee machine systems. Perfect for those who like strong filter coffee as well as the aficionados of smooth coffee with mellow foam.

Milk frothing system - The easy to use milk frother system will make your milk warm and sublimely frothy, which, when combined with your favorite coffee will allow you to enjoy a lovely Cappuccino or Latte.

Cup preheat functionality - to achieve the perfect coffee taste and aroma, it must be prepared in a preheated cup, the functionality implemented in this coffeemaker ensures the perfect cup temperature before coffee is prepared.

Steam-heated drinks - the frother nozzle may be used to prepare hot drinks such as chocolate, water or tea.





Function buttons:

  1. Steam / frothing function
  2. One cup of coffee / single espresso
  3. Two cups of coffee / double espresso
  4. Manual coffee amount regulation
  5. Enabling the pressure segment
  6. Enabling the drip segment

Display icons:

  • a. Power - indicates that the coffeemaker has been turned on
  • b. Heating - informs that the coffeemaker has reached operational temperature
  • c. Single espresso - blinks while making 1 cup of coffee
  • d. Double espresso - blinks while making 2 cups of coffee
  • e. Steam function - Indicates the operation of the milk frother
  • f. Manual mode - informs of coffeemaker operation in manual mode
  • g. Hot water - informs of water flow through the milk frother
  • h. Drip segment - indicates that the coffeemaker is in the process of preparing drip coffee



The special construction of the coffeemaker allows making traditional coffee in the drip segment. Just place the ground coffee in the reusable filter and press the appropriate button. The coffeemaker will begin preparing pouring the beverage directly to the included thermal cup or to a cup of your choice.


A large 400 ml cup is included with the device, made out of steel and high quality polymer. The vacuum-isolated walls of the cup allow to keep the proper temperature of the beverage for longer, and the sliding lid enables drinking from the cup without a rapid loss of heat.


Reusable filter - mounted within a convenient handle in the drip segment a specialized nylon ground coffee filter is located, which can be easily removed, cleaned and used again without the need for paper filters. Thanks to the special construction of the handle you will effortlessly fill the filter with coffee and clean it out afterwards.

The set contains 2 coffee filters - one for a single cup of coffee and one for two cups or a double coffee. The appropriate filter mounts in the portafilter to prepare the desired beverage in the pressure segment.





Specialized heater and steel tray - the cup preheater engages when the device is turned on, thanks to which the cups will be heated up before making coffee. Preparing coffee in a preheated cup improves the fine taste, and also ensures the perfect temperature of the beverage for longer. 3 large or 6 small cups fit onto the tray.



3 different sizes of glasses and cups

2 standard - sized cups in the pressure segment + 1 large glass in the drip segment



The construction of the coffeemaker allows different cup sizes to be used, thanks to which you can use your favorite.

Removable drip tray - because the drip tray is removable you can make coffee in your favorite large cup.

  • Max 13,3 cm with drip tray
  • Max 15,9 cm without drip tray
  • Max 18,2 cm in the drip coffee segment





  • Water tank capacity: 1.2 L (10 coffee cups)
  • Thermal cup capacity: 400 ml
  • Max height in the pressure segment: 15.9 cm
  • Max height in the drip segment: 18,2 cm
  • Power: 850 W
  • Pressure: 15 bar
  • Heating time: 95 seconds
  • Power cord length: 77 cm
  • Weight: 4,5 kg
  • Dimensions: 32,3 cm (height) x 29,7 cm (width) x 28 cm (length)
  • Color: black with INOX steel accents
  • Polish electrical plug: 220-240V 50/60Hz



  1. Pressure/drip coffee maker,
  2. Dual nozzle portafilter,
  3. Removable reusable ground coffee filter,
  4. Single coffee filter,
  5. Double coffee filter,
  6. Coffee measure with beater,
  7. Thermal cup,
  8. Original packaging,
  9. Warranty card,

The packaging contains:

  • Coffeemaker - technical specifications as above,
  • Proof of purchase,
  • Instruction manual in Polish


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