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  • Air purifier with humidifier YOER Pure Home APH01W

Remotely contolled from Your phone or a pilot, Purifing, humidifing, ionization, ozone and UV lamp, 8 levels of filtration 12h timer, Silent work

Warranty: Producer's, 3 years door to door
Return and exchange: 100 days
Color: White
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SMART Air purifier with humidifier YOER Pure Home APH01W  
+ Ionizer + Ozonizer + UV Lamp




1. Large readable digital display
2. 12h timer
3. Empty reservoir and filter exchange indicators
4. Particle and smell sensors
5. 3 speed levels
6. Remote control
7. Anti-skidding stems
8. Durable, modern case
9. Automatic air quality control 
 10. Device is controllable by an app through Wi-Fi
11. SMART mode
12. Air humidifier
13. Touch control panel
14. Handles for easier transportation
15. HEPA filter, carbon filter, photocatalytic filter
16. Silent and ecologic
17. 8 levels of filtration




  • Multifunctional device - combines multiple functions in one device, it will look after Your well-being 
  • You can control it by using an smartphone app or a provided remote control
  • SMART mode - detects and automatically controls air quality
  • Night mode ensures that the device works quietly
  • 12h timer
  • Special air filters guarantee effective removal of smoke, formaldehyde, PM 2.5 particles and stop virus activity in the air
  • App is available in Polish for Android an IOS
  • 8 Air filtration levels
  • Humidifing function improves the air quality, ensures that mucosals and Your skin won't go dry, it also allows for a cozy aromatherapy
  • Classical Ionizer - creates negative ions, that positivly affect metabolism and immunity.
  • Ozonizer- geterates active oxygen (O₃) liquidating unpleasant smells, moulds, fungi, bacteria and viruses.
  • Built-in UV lamp successfully kills mora than 96% of bacteria and viruses.






  • Filter exchange indicator
  • Empty reservoir indicator
  • Room temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Air quality sensor
  • PM 2.5 particles sensor
  • Unpleasant smell sensor
  • Photoelectric sensor that indicates if UV lamp got worn down
  • IMD touch control panel and digital display
  • Large water reservoir with capacity of 2,7 L
  • HEPA filter
  • Carbon filter
  • Photocatalitic filter
  • ERP Construction
  • 2 ergonomic handles that allow easier transportation
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Modern, durable case made of high quality plastic





Breathe fresh, clean air

In YOER air purifier You will find filters and mechanisms of highest quality, that will help You to fit air in Your home to Your needs. Get rid of negative factors, that accompany You through the day. 



8 Filtration levels


Ideally pure air

1. Case in form of initial pleated filter - im place of the initial filter, it cleans the air drawn in from dust, animal hair and other bigger pollution.
2. HEPA Filter - thanks to its special construction it is able to stop bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. It's also perfect for people suffering from allergies, because it stops dust and germs.
3. Carbon filter - its construction makes it absorb disadvantageous organic compund for example formaldehyde, undesirable fumes or other unwanted smells.
4. Photocatalytic filter it uses titanium dioxide  (TiO₂), that damages bacteria by oxidizing.
5. UV Lamp - has germicidal characteristics, thanks to its radiation spread of germs and alleries is stopped.
6. Ionizer - neutralizes positive ions that are pulling viruses and bacteria to them by using negative ions. Besides that in air that's filled with negative ions dust and germs drop to the ground instead of floating around and getting to our lungs.
7. Ozonizer - It's a perfect choice for disinfection, after using the ozonizer air in Your house will be free of germs and allergens. 
8. Humidifier - it keeps the optimal level of humidity in Your home. Levels that are aptimal for health are around 40-60%, those  levels will positively affect Your skin and mucous that without enough humidity are more easily prone to infections.




SMART mode

After enabling this mode appliance will measure the air pollution, and adjust it's settings to control the air quality. This way You will be sure that the air is clean and that the power consumption isn't too high. 


Remote control

Air purifier comes with a remote control. You can use it to turn the device on or off and to adjust the settings without moving.







Cold dew created by the device positively affects humidity levels, helps with the condition of the skin and keeps mucous membrane from getting dry. With proper humidifying You can decrease the risk of infection in autumn and winter


Use the power of essential oils. Only thing You need to do is to add a drop of Your favourite kind to the water reservoir and the device will spread it around the entire room.




Free smartphone app

Intuitive, easy on the eye, free smartphone app available on Android and iOS will allow a comfortable use of the device.

All monitored values are transfered through Wi-Fi to Your phone. With it's help You can adjust or disable different modes on the device.

App is available in Polish.





Technical details:
• Power: 75 W
• Connection type: Wi-Fi
• Humidifier efficiency: 235g/h
• Airflow: ≥ 300 m³/h
• Covered area: up to 40 m²
• Negative Ions ≥ 8 milion
• Ozonizer efficiency: 50 mg/h
• Min. sound levels: 22 dB
• Max. sound levels: 40 dB 
• Power cord length: 1,4 m
• Weigth: 8,2 kg
• Dimensions: 45,2 cm x 43,8 cm x 23,3 cm
• Color: White - black
• Polish plug 220-240V 50/60Hz

Filter durability:
• HEPA filter: around 12 months
• Carbon filter + photocatalitic: around 6 months
• UV Lamp: 8000 h




1. Air purifier  
2. Carbon filter + photocatalitic filter
3. HEPA filter
4. Remote control
5. UV Lamp
6. Original box

You will recieve:
• Air purifier - details above
• Warranty card
• Receit / VAT Invoice
• PL/EN Device instruction manual
• APP instruction manual in Polish

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