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  • Portable ceramic fan heater YOER BLOWER FH02W

2200W of power, oscialltion mode, remote control, touch control panel, readable LED display, cold blow, ECO Mode, anti-dust filter

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Portable ceramic fan heater YOER BLOWER FH03W Blower PRO



1️⃣ Touch control panel

2️⃣ Indicator lights

3️⃣ 4 ceramic heating elements

4️⃣ Remote control

5️⃣ Easier transport handle

6️⃣ LED display

7️⃣ Dust filter

8️⃣ Heat-resistant casing

9️⃣ Anti-slip base



🍃Smart ECO mode: automatically adjusts the power level while using less energy.

▶ Energy saving: the fan heater will use up to 20%- 40% less energy

🕛 24-hour timer: convenient setting the time of work

▶ Delayed start functionality: the device will start its operation after the set time

▶ 2 blow modes: warm with a power of 900 W, hot with a power of 2200 W

▶ 3 work modes: cold, warm and hot

🌡 Built-in thermostat: you can set the time within the range of 16-32°C

▶ Oscillation functionality: device swinging motion will evenly spread the heat around the room

▶ IP20B protection: prevents foreign objects 12,5 mm in size or bigger getting into the active elements of the device (for example touching it with your finger)

▶ Anti-freeze protecion: the device will automatically shut off when the temperature drops below 7°C.

▶ Overheating protection: owing to the the built-in temperature sensor, the appliance will shut off automatically if the limit is exceeded

▶ Modern design: the fan heater will not only keep you warm but also be an exquisite addition that will decorate your room

▶ Compact size: thanks to its small size device will be easy to store. The handle located at the back of the fan heater will make moving it much simpler.



▶ Control panel - located on the front side of the fan heater allows to customize device's settings to your personal needs. It has 6 touch buttons:

1️⃣ Timer

2️⃣ ON/OFF button

3️⃣ Change mode button

4️⃣ Increase temperature or time button

5️⃣ Decrease temperature or time button

6️⃣ Oscillation mode button

✅ There is a remote control included in the set and thanks to that you can change settings without having to get up!



✅ The device is fitted with a backlit LED display that shows information about active functionalities of the fan heater:

1️⃣ Temperature / set timer hour indicator

2️⃣ Timer active indicator

3️⃣ Cold mode active indicator

4️⃣ Anti-freeze mode indicator

5️⃣ Thermostat active indicator

6️⃣ ECO mode active indicator

7️⃣ Power mode indicator - warm mode (3 bars) or hot mode (6 bars).



✅ Using the built-in thermostat you can set the desired room temperature which the device will keep.

▶ Touch ➕ and ➖ buttons - enables you to set proper temperature.

▶ 16-32°C - you can adjust the temperature within the range of 16-32°C according to your needs.

▶ Stanby state - when the temperature in the room exceeds the chosen threshold, the device will switch into stanby state.

✅ When the temperature falls below it, the device will resume its operation.



✅ Fan heater Blower PRO is a guarantee of energy saving and not wasting your money.

▶ ECO mode:

▪ the device will automatically adjust the power level to keep optimal conditions in the room

▪ minimalises energy consumption

▪ while using this functionality the device will switch the work modes to keep the set temperature in the room

▪ the thermostat can be adjusted in the 16-26°C range while working in ECO mode.



⌚24-hour timer:

▪ adjusting time to your needs

▪ function ➕ and ➖ buttons will allow you to set proper time after which the device is to shut itself off.

Using a special functionality and "+" and "-" buttons, you can set the time after which the device is to shut itself off.

▶ Delayed start functionality:

▪ the device will automatically start working at set time,

▪ the screen will show the remaining time.



‍👩‍👧‍👦Thanks to this functionality the fan heater will fill the room with warm air faster, even when there are some people.

✅ This functionality will put the device in a swinging motion which will evenly spread the heat to increase the temperature in considerably shorter time.



1️⃣ Mechanism which protects the device from turning on in a situation when it is knocked over:

▪ in a situation where device is knocked over, this safety witll cut off the power,

▪ mechanism prevents from damaging the device.

2️⃣ Anti-slip base:

▪ the fan heater is equipped in anti-slip feet

▪ they keep the device in a stable position.

3️⃣ Dust filter:

▪ protects the device from dust and dirt sucked in,

▪ reduces unpleasant smells,

▪ it is also washable and easy to assembly.

4️⃣ Heat-resistant casing - the device was designed in a way that makes the casing cool to the touch even during operation.

5️⃣ Convenient handle:

▪ makes transport easier

▪ within a couple of minutes you can move the device and place in a different room in your house!



▶ Power: 2200 W

▶ Output: 20-25 m² (215.3-269 ft²)

▶ Heating element type: Ceramic

▶ Max noise level: 50 dB

▶ Power cord length: 1,6 m (5.3 ft)

▶ Weight: 2,67 kg (5,9 lbs)

▶ Dimensions: 54,7 cm x 21,5 cm x 21,5 cm (21.5 x 8.5 x 8.5 '')

▶ Color: White

▶ Polish power plug: 220-240V 50/60Hz

✅ This product is designed for occasional use or in well-isolated rooms.



1️⃣ Fan heater

2️⃣ Remote control

3️⃣ Original packaging



✅ Fan heater - product details,


✅ Warranty card

✅ Receipt / VAT invoice

✅ PL / EN Instruction manual.

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PDF Document YOER FH02W Instruction manual - Click here

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