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  • Gas grill YOER SteakMaster GG01S

Natural gas 4+1 grill, Cast-iron grate, 17.15kw power, Lid with thermometer, Side burner, Side shelf with tray, Cabinet for 11 kg gas bottle

Warranty: Producer's, 3 years door to door
Return and exchange: 100 days
Color: Silver
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YOER SteakMaster GG01S 4+1 Gas Grill

Special offer: 2399 PLN - last 30 units of the season




  1. 4+1 burner system control knobs
  2. Propane bottle holder
  3. Coaster wheels with brakes
  4. Removable tray with chromed handles
  5. Two cast-iron grates 2x (37 x 44 cm) (14.6 x 17.3'') 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs)
  6. Open/close grill lid with thermometer
  7. Steel grate for food heating (69 x 12 cm) (27.2 x 4.7'')
  8. Side burner
  9. Accessory rack
  10. Removable fat tray
  11. Cabinet for an 11 kg (24.26 lbs) propane bottle and accessories




  • Main grilling surface: 3256 cm² (74 x 44 cm), 504.68 in² (29.1 x 17.3'')
  • Upper grilling surface: 828 cm² (69 x 12 cm), 128.3 in² (27.2 x 4.7'')
  • Power: 17.15 kW
  • Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
  • Burner count: 4+1 (4 x 3.5 kW +1 x 3.15 kW)
  • Cast-iron grate count: 2
  • Cast-iron grate dimensions: 37 x 44 cm (14.6 x 17.3'')
  • Side shelf dimensions: 33.5 x 49 cm (13.2 x 19.3'')
  • Cabinet dimensions: 64 x 44 x 58.5 cm (25.2 x 17.3 x 23'')
  • Gas reducer:Yes
  • Side burner: Yes
  • Regulated thermostat: Yes
  • Thermometer: Yes
  • Heating grate: Yes
  • Fat tray: Yes
  • Electrical igniter: Yes
  • lid: Yes
  • Accessory cabinet: Yes
  • Coaster wheels with brakes: Yes
  • Modular construction: Yes
  • Other: Additional propane bottle holder, Removable tray with handles.



  • High-capacity cabinet - underneath the grill, a large cabinet is located, which will fit the 11 kg gas bottle, after you've finished grilling. There's more - it will also easily accommodate 2 large 24-bottle crates of your favorite beer or various accessories and grilling peripherals. The cabinet has internal dimensions of 58.5 x 64 x 44 cm.




  • Main grate: cast iron
  • Mini grate: INOX stainless steel (S/S 430)
  • Grill lid: INOX stainless steel (S/S 430)
  • Thermometer body: INOX stainless steel (S/S 430)
  • Control panel: INOX stainless steel (S/S 430)
  • Side shelf lids: INOX stainless steel (S/S 430)
  • Side shelf masking plates: INOX stainless Steel (S/S 430)
  • Side shelves: silver powder-painted steel
  • Cabinet doors: INOX stainless steel (S/S 430)
  • Side walls: silver powder-painted steel
  • Bottom shelf: silver powder-painted steel
  • Burners: INOX stainless steel (S/S 430)
  • Burner shields: black enamel-coated steel
  • Wind cover: black enamel-coated steel
  • Handles: hand-polished steel
  • Knobs: chromed polymer 
  • INOX stainless steel (S/S 430) - a high-quality ferritic steel with a high chrome content, which makes it exceedingly resilient to corrosion.


  • Excellent stability - Because of the increased weight compared to other, standard grills, the appliance is stable and difficult to tip over, which improves comfort and safety during operation.



  • Natural gas-powered - due to the use of natural gas power, grilling becomes faster, easier and healthier. Because of the propane bottle, there is no need to remove ash, which would have been necessary when using a traditional charcoal grill, and the burners allow for reaching optimal temperature in moments.
  • Gas reducer - the specialized reducer mounted in the grill assures stable gas pressure. The set also includes an 80cm (31.5'') elastic hose along with screw clamps and other elements needed for secure bottle connection.


  • Main grilling surface 74 x 44 cm - composed of two removable cast-iron grates. This size gives the user plentiful room for preparing a copious amount of meals simultaneously.
  • Upper heating grate 69 x 12 cm - previously prepared meals can be placed on a steel heating grate with the area of 828 cm². The steel grate mounted over the cast-iron grate allows for heating of grilled meats, vegetables or pastries. 



  • 2 cast-iron grates The YOER grill employs 2 grates made entirely of cast iron with combined weight of over 5.5 kg!
  • What kinds of grates are used in natural gas grills?

1. Cast-iron grate - made of a high-carbon iron alloy, characterized by high resilience to mechanical damage and rust. Additionally, it efficiently conducts heat, which makes it warm up evenly, as well as keep its temperature for longer. The cast-iron grate is robust, and because it is a single piece, does not require welding. The grate bars are rough in texture, not coated with enamel, which means it does not get scratched during use or cleaning.

2. Enamel-coated bar grate - composed of parallel, welded thin bars, which are then coated with shiny enamel. This kind of grate is susceptible to damage, chipping and deformation due to its simplistic construction. They are also characterized by low heat conductivity, are significantly cheaper to make, and less durable than their cast-iron counterparts. 

3. Sheet metal enamel-coated grate - made of low-carbon cast carbon steel, is light, formed into bars and coated with enamel. It represents the cheapest kind of grate, which conducts heat poorly and is susceptible to damage, chipping and deformation.





  • Polish instructions - in addition to the full instruction manual supplied with the device, the control panel also contains a list of instructions on lighting the grill in Polish, which allows the user to quickly and easily learn how to use the appliance.
  • Independent knobs - all burners are controlled with their respective knobs, which gives the user control of the temperature on the grate. Each of the 5 burners can be used individually to make grilling different kinds of dishes using varied methods possible.
  • Electrical igniter - Helps easily light each of the burners. All it takes is to push in and twist the knob, and the igniter will generate a spark, which will light the grill. The modern ignition system enables beginning operation with any burner rather than having to ignite the first in line before the others.
  • 5-burner control panel - the appliance is equipped with a 5-burner heating system. 4 burners heat up the main grate, and the additional side burner can be used to prepare dishes on a frying pan, or boil water in a kettle.



  • The knobs marked "a,b,c,e" correspond to the main grate burners.
  • The knob marked "d" controls the additional side burner.


  • Substantial 17.15 kW power - thanks to the high-power burners, heating up the grate takes a very short time,without much fuel use. Main burner power: 3.5 kW, side burner power: 3.15 kW.




  1. The tray under the lid - a 26.5 x 35.5 cm, 5 cm deep tray is placed under under the side shelf lid, and has a plethora of uses.
  2. Removability of the tray - two chromed handles are located on both sides of the metal tray, so you can carry your cured ingredients, for example, before grilling
  3. Cured food receptacle - the tray is made to fit into the cutout in the side shelf, which places it in a convenient spot. This gives the user easy access to the cured meals to be put onto the grate.
  4. Grilled food receptacle - during grilling you can also use the tray as a plate for ready meals, which you can then comfortably carry to the table for serving.
  5. Hot meal storage tray - the tray will also do great as hot meal storage, without worrying about them getting cold. In addition, the grilled dishes may be wrapped in aluminum foil, and the lid may be closed to ensure the temperature is retained even better.
  6. Regular shelf - after closing the lid, the side shelf becomes a space on which any grilling ingredients, spices or accessories can be put. The shelf has a 33.5 x 49 cm area.



  1. Right side shelf with burner - the right side shelf houses a burner under its lid, onto which a pot or a frying pan can be put in order to prepare appetizers, or a kettle to make tea. After closing the lid, you get a usable space of 33.5 x 49 cm.
  2. Spacious cabinet - allows the storage of accessories, spices or various other grilling components. When the appliance is not in use, the propane bottle may also be stored inside. The door handles may serve as additional towel hangers.
  3. Chromed rack - mounted to the outer part of the right side shelf, it allows the user to hang utensils or oven mitts. As a result, those will not take up space on the shelves or inside the cabinet, as well as remain easily accessible while grilling.
  4. Propane bottle holder - located on the left hand side of the grill's body, it allows you to conveniently hang the propane bottle before using the grill. This enables easy moving of the device without the need to disconnect the gas bottle.



  • The body of the grill - is made of steel, including INOX stainless steel, which, when properly maintained, will keep its exquisite look for many years. The appliance can be easily maintained after each use, thanks to the amenities it possesses:
  1. Removable cast-iron grates - Because the two-piece cast-iron grate is removable, it is easy to take out for cleaning with a brush. It should also be washed with warm water using a mild dish washing detergent.
  2. Removable fat tray - the receptacle catching all the fat dripping from the grate ensures that other parts of the device remain clean. The ability to take it out of the back of the grill makes is easy to empty and refill with specialized fat-absorbent material.
  3. Removable heating grate - the steel grate is easy to remove and clean with a warm, wet cloth, along with a spot of dish washing detergent.




  • Thermometer - located in the middle of the lid, the thermometer allows the user to keep an eye on the temperature so that it may be kept in check without the need for lifting the lid and losing heat. The temperature is measured in degrees Celsius as well as Fahrenheit.
  • Steel lid - The convenient, lift-up lid covers all the grates and makes sure that the food is grilled evenly as well as becomes infused with the barbecue taste and aroma. The lid does away with any problems related to the wind or insects. It helps keep the optimal temperature of the main grate, as well as the upper heating grate, which will keep the dishes that are already done hot, if you are not ready to serve them yet.
  • Steel burners with shields - the grill is equipped with burners made of high-quality steel, which distribute the flames evenly. Additionally, specialized shields are mounted above them, to protect the burners from the dripping fat, so that it does not come in contact with the flame and remains on the shields. As they become hot, the fat evaporates thus infusing the food with the barbeque aroma and unique taste.
  • 4 coaster wheels with brakes - Mounted at the bottom of the appliance, they make moving it easy and comfortable despite the hefty weight. Brakes on each wheel ensure safe operation of the device thanks to the stability while grilling.



  • Main grilling surface: 3256 cm² (74 x 44 cm), 504.68 in² (29.1 x 17.3'')
  • Upper grilling surface: 828 cm² (69 x 12 cm), 128.3 in² (27.2 x 4.7'')
  • Input power: 17.15 kW (1248 g/h)
  • Input power of each main burner 3.5 kW
  • Side burner input power 3.15 kW
  • Category: I3B/P(37)
  • Gas type: Propane, Butane, Propane-Butane mixture (LPG)
  • Working pressure: 37 mbar (0.54 psi)
  • Main burner nozzle diameter: 0.85 mm
  • Side burner nozzle diameter: 0.8 mm
  • Weight: 47 kg (103.6 lbs) 
  • Dimensions: 115 cm (Height) x 147 cm (Width) x 57 cm (Length) (45.3 x 57.9 x 22.4'')
  • Cast-iron grate dimensions: 37 cm (Width) x 44 cm (Length) (14.6 x 17.3'')
  • Heating grate dimensions: 69 cm (Width) x 12 cm (Length) (27.2 x 4.7'')
  • Side shelves dimensions: 33.5 cm (Width) x 49 cm (Length) (13.2 x 19.3'')
  • Internal cabinet dimensions: 58.5 cm (Height) x 64 cm (Width) x 44 cm (Length) (23 x 25.2 x 17.3'')
  • Internal cabinet dimensions (including door frame):  53.5 cm (Height) x 64 cm (Width) (21 x 25.2'')
  • Removable tray dimensions: 26.5 cm (Width)  x 35.5 cm (Length) x 5 cm (Height) (10.4 x 14 x 2'')
  • Cast-iron grate count: 2
  • Steel grate count: 1
  • Color: Silver



  1. Natural gas grill
  2. Two cast-iron grates
  3. Propane bottle holder
  4. Accessory rack
  5. Tray
  6. Fat tray
  7. Steel heating grate
  8. Gas reducer with hose
  9. Original packaging
  10. Warranty card


  • Grill - details above,
  • Receipt / VAT Invoice,
  • Instruction manual (Polish)


  • Wygląda rewelacyjnie. Wygodny w użytkowaniu. Niestety nie ma u mnie spokojnego życia. Obiad na tarasie w 20 minut. Tak się spełnia marzenia :) Do pełni szczęścia warto dokupić płytę żeliwna.
    Karol (2020-10-26)
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  • Dziś go złożyliśmy, wygląda bardzo ładnie, wszystko dobrze spasowane, pierwsza próba grillowania w weekend
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  • Jakość godna polecenia
    Paweł (2020-10-26)
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  • Zgodny z opisem, w użytkowaniu super.
    Jacek (2020-10-26)
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  • Jakość wykonania dobra, duży grill, wielka moc ( na razie nie wykorzystana jak u mnie ).
    Sylwia (2020-10-26)
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  • Duża powierzchnia grilowania. Polecam
    Beata (2020-10-26)
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  • Grill jest świetnie wykonany i spasowany. Dobrze opisana instrukcja montażu. Nawet dla chcącego nie ma się do czego przyczepić. Rewelacyjny.
    Michał (2020-10-26)
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  • Wszystko OK.Zgodne z opisem.Wszystko jest co do śrubki.
    Marek (2020-10-26)
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  • Świetny grill. Mocny ,solidny , starannie wykonany.
    I-a W-l (2020-07-21)
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