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  • Vacuum sealer with scale YOER Fresh Food VSS01BK

Really strong vacuum seam, Vacuum sealing, Regular sealing, Vacuum marinating, Built-in scale, LCD display, FREE bottle vacuum cork, Power: 120 W

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Multifunctional vacuum sealer yoer fresh food vss01bk + free bottle vacuum cork FOR FREE + package of foils



  • 4 food packing modes:
    • sealing without air suction function - seal products that are not suitable for vacuum sealing
    • vacuum sealing function - extend the shelf life of your food
    • bottle sealing function - get the effect of traditional sealing for hours in a moment
    • vacuum marination function - sealing wine bottles or other beverages
  • Automatic vacuum sealing mode - use the automatic time and power selection to seal your food quickly and simply
  • Semi-automatic sealing mode - allows you to control the suction pressure of the device
  • 2  suction modes - you can seal hard and gentle food
  • Touch control panel - enjoy intuitive and simple control
  • Scale function - weight your products with accuracy up to 0.1 g
  • 4 programmed units - read the weight of the products in g, kg, oz, lb in such an easy way
  • "One touch" opening and closing system - open and close the lid automatically with one touch of the metal strap
  • Built-in foil cutting knife compartment with a knife - cut the foil in a comfortable way
  • Anti-slip base - will ensure the device stability
  • Condensation tray with capacity of 35 ml - do not worry about the extra moisture from the vacuum sealing process
  • 30 cm of maximum vacuum sealer width - you have the possibility to seal bigger products


  1. Stainless steel scale
  2. Accessory port
  3. LED display
  4. Detachable foil cutting knife
  5. Automatic opening and closing "One touch" system
  6. Strong weld
  7. Removable condensation tray
  8. Anti-slip base
  9. Touch control panel


Digital LED display – shows current status of the device and the data of the scale.

On the display:

  1. Scale indicator - indicates current measurement from the scale
  2. OPEN symbol - informs about opening the lid
  3. CLOSE symbol - informs about closing the lid
  4. Sealing progress indicator - informs about the sealing without air suction progress
  5. Vacuum air suction and vacuum marination progress - informs about vacuum air suction and vacuum marination progress


Touch control panel – is an easy access to all of the modes.

Function buttons:

  1. Metalic "One Touch" bar - allows for easy and automatic closing and opening of the lid with just one touch.
  2. Tare button - turn on the scale tare function
  3. Scale mode switch button - press it to change the units used by the scale (g, kg, oz, lb),
  4. Sealing mode - press it to seal the bag without sucking out the air
  5. Food type selection button - choose the type of vacuum sealing, DRY function is dedicated for dry food, while the MOIST function is for moist food.
  6. Air suction speed setting - choose normal or low speed depending on the type of the product
  7. Vacuum sealing - turn on the vacuum sealing with sucking out the air remaining in the bag
  8. Stop button - stop the device's operation
  9. Vacuum marination - using the attached tube or vacuum sealing cork allows for sealing tightly vacuum containers and previously opened bottles.


Detachable stainless steel scale

  • max. load of 2 kg (4.4 lb)
  • will allow you to weigh food precisely with accuracy up to 0,1 g.
  • tare function will allow you to check the weight of products themselves, without the weight of the container in which they are placed.
  • The scale has 4 programmed units: g, kg, oz, lb, which can be changed with a pressing of 1 button

✅LED digital screen will indicate the weight of the product which is put on the scale, precisely weighting food and indicating the unit (pic. 1).



Automatic opening and closing with "One touch" - of the metallic bar located along the entire length of the sealer.

The screen will display information about opening "OPEN" and closing "CLOSE" (pic. 2 and 3):

  • "OPEN" - the lid is being opened
  • "CLOSE" - the lid is being closed




Sealing without suction

  • is used when the type of the packed food is not appropriate for vacuum packing
  • is used when you want to have your food packed tightly, and protect it from falling out of the bag, as well as prevent from letting anything from outside to get to it.

✅ In this case the display will show the process of sealing without air suction. The icon will be displayed as long as the vacuum sealer completes its task (pic. 4).



- DRY and MOIST food

Dry and moist sealing function

  • will allow you to suck out the air completely from the vacuum bag
  • after the process is over, the sealer will start sealing the foil automatically
  • excess humidity will condensate into the dedicated tray

Up to 5 times longer shelf life

  • products sealed in this way will have their shelf life increased by up to 5 times.
  • you can place it in the freezer, which will allow you to plan and manage your winter supplies even better.

✅ LED display will show you the process of vacuum sealing, informing about the started suction process after finishing it, the display will let you know about started vacuum sealing process (pic. 5).

⏩ Vacuum sealing within 18-31 seconds❗

⏩ Vacuum sealing without suction within 8-11 seconds❗




Traditional packing: 1-2 weeks ➡ Vacuum packing: 3-6 weeks

🍝Pasta, rise
Traditional packing: 6 months ➡ Vacuum packing: 1-2 years

🍞Bread, rolls
Traditional packing: 2-3 days ➡ Vacuum packing: 7-10 days


🍎Fresh fruit
Traditional packing: 3-7 days ➡ Vacuum packing: 8-20 days

🥕Fresh vegetables
Traditional packing: 3-7 days ➡ Fresh vegetables: 8-20 days

Traditional packing: 3-5 days ➡ Vacuum packing: 8-10 days

🍒Blueberries, raspberries, cherries
Traditional packing: 1-6 days ➡ Vacuum packing: 1-2 weeks

🥬Lettuce, cabbage
Traditional packing: 3-6 days ➡ Vacuum packing: 2 weeks

Traditional packing: 1-2 weeks ➡ Vacuum packing: 4-6 months


🥓Raw meat
Traditional packing: 4-6 months ➡ Vacuum packing: 15-20 months

🐟Fresh fish
Traditional packing: 3-4 months ➡ Vacuum packing: 10-12 months

Traditional packing: 6-10 months ➡ Vacuum packing: 18-30 months

🥕Fresh vegetables
Traditional packing: 8 months ➡Vacuum packing: 18-24 months

🍎Fresh fruit
Traditional packing: 8 months ➡ Vacuum packing: 18-24 months

🥖Bread and pastries
Traditional packing: 6-8 months ➡ Vacuum packing: 12-36 months



Vacuum marination

  • this mode is perfect for preparation of marinated vegetables and meat,
  • allows you to achieve quickly the effect of long-term traditional marination,
  • in case of marinating meat, while the air is being sucked out from the container the spices are being absorbed into the meat's structure, and the non-oxidized aroma makes the taste of the marinade even richer,
  • enjoy longer shelf life of the products.


➕ FREE Vacuum sealing cork for bottles

  • allows you to close hermetically previously opened bottles
  • this function excels at re-sealing opened wine bottles, which quickly oxidizes and loses its taste (extenses the aroma and tastes from 2-3 days to even 20-25 days ❗)
  • vacuum sealing bottles will also have a great effect on fresh juice and other non-carbonated drinks, as well as oil, balsamic vinegar and other liquid products.

✅ LED display will show you the process of vacuum sealing by displaying a changing symbol (pic. 5). After the process is over, the sealer will show you the appropriate message.


VACUUM MARINATION - CONTAINERS (you can purchase it separately)

A perfect choice for: delicate products, liquids, dry food and vacuum marination.

Utilizing the sealer and vacuum tube you will be able to hermetically seal: ready meals, vegetables, fruit, cookies, walnuts, sweets, coffee, spices and dried mushrooms in containers.

The containers are equipped with:

  • a tight seal which does not let any outside air
  • a pressure valve which allows for easy balancing of the pressure
  • pressure indicators on the lids informing you whether the containers are properly sealed
  • they are made out of special BPA-free materials




  1. Built-in foil knife compartment - located in the base of the sealer. Thanks to this, you will always have the knife on hand!
  2. Condensation tray:
    • tray's capacity is 35ml
    • stores the excess liquid created when the surplus of the humidity condenses during vacuum sealing moist products
    • you can remove, empty and clean it very easily
  3. Lid lock - built-in plugs lock the lid in place securing it against accidental opening.
    • placed at the back part of the sealer
    • allows for connection of the tube used with the vacuum cork and vacuum containers.
  4. Accessory port - for marinating and excess air suction
    • placed at the back part of the sealer
    • allows for connection of the tube used with the vacuum cork and vacuum containers.
  5. Non-slip base - our vacuum sealer is equipped with non-slip feet, which keep it in a stabile position


  • Power: 120 W
  • Max. seal width: 30 cm (11.8")
  • Sealing time: 8-11 seconds
  • Air suction speed: 10-20 seconds
  • Vacuum: 0,7 Bar (-10.15 PSI)
  • Power cord length: 1,2 m (3.9 ft)
  • Scale maximal load: 2 kg (4.4 lb)
  • Scale accuracy: 0,1 g
  • Scale units: g, kg, oz, lb
  • Weight: 1,75 kg (3.9 lb)
  • Dimensions: 38 cm (width) x 8 cm (height) x 14 cm (length) (15 x 3.1 x 5.5 ")
  • Color: Black with silver accents
  • Polish power plug 220-240V 50/60Hz


  1. Sealer with scale
  2. Knife
  3. Vacuum tube
  4. AC power cord
  5. Bottle vacuum cork
  6. Bags x 5 (20x30 cm) (7.9 x 11.8")
  7. Tip for the vacuum containers
  8. Original packaging
  9. Foils rolls 1x 20x200 cm (7.9 x 78.7 ")


✅Vacuum sealer - details above,
✅Warranty card,
✅PL/EN instruction manual.
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PDF Document YOER VSS01BK Instruction manual - Click here