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YOER - Who are we?

YOER sp. z o.o. is a company that has been providing You with modern kitchen appliances for more than 14 years. Our brand is a perfect combination of luxurious design, high quality and affordable price.

What we do?

We design, produce and introduce innovative appliances that make day-to-day life easier to the european market.
Our main goal is to make everyday tasks simpler including: cooking, ironing or brewing a delicious aromatic coffee.
We strive to provide you with comfortable living conditions with our modern approach to heating and cooling the rooms that you are in.

What makes us special?

- We always seek to be the best,
- Every detail is important to us,
- Every single of our products has a piece of our heart.

What are our goals?

We want to provide Poles with modern and more comfortable everyday life.
YOER Team wish you a great day!