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  • Oil filled radiators

The portable oil-filled radiator is an alternative heating method, in case the central heating fails, or simply isn't there.

Types of oil-filled radiators

There are two main types out there: ribbed oil-filled radiators and panel oil-filled radiators.
At Yoer we offer ribbed oil-filled radiators with walled-off sides, which create a natural chimney effect - the air is sucked out from the bottom, heated by the ribs, and is then thrust into the room with increased force, which impacts the speed and efficiency of heating up the room.

Construction and working principle of the oil-filled radiator

Oil-filled radiators are filled with diathermic oil, which is heated up by the heating elements, and after it has reached operational temperature, it gradually and evenly distributes the heat to its surroundings. The oil is simply a medium for heat distribution - it doesn't need refilling.
Standalone oil-filled radiators have coaster wheels, which make them easier to move around. installation of the oil-filled radiator is a no-brainer. All it takes is to plug the device in.

Important oil-filled radiator characteristics

The amount of ribs and its heating area are important attributes, as well as the power of the device. At our store we offer radiators with power and temperature adjustment. YOER radiators have a built-in thermostat and overheating protection.

Additional oil-filled radiator functionalities

YOER oil-filled radiators are equipped with a timer and ECO mode, which saves electricity, and a remote control.

Are oil-filled radiators energy-efficient?

The electric oil-filled radiator takes about an hour to fully heat up and then amasses that heat. After unplugging, it continues to give off heat for a long time. This means you can save money on heating.
What are the applications of an oil-filled radiator?

An oil-filled radiator for your vacation house, allotment house, warehouse and attic - those are just some of its applications. The oil-filled radiator is also a way of heating your house outside of the heating season or when the central heating system fails.

Which oil-filled radiator has the right power?

When shopping for an oil-filled radiator think of such things as the size of the room, insulation in the walls and the air-tightness of the windows, as well as the target application.