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  • PayPo YOER

We have added the PayPo method of payment to our online store to make our costumers lives easier.

While purchasing goods while choosing the PayPo method of payment, every customer has to pay for the purchased goods within 30 days – without any additional costs.
You will pay after you have received and checked the products.

How does it work?

1st STEP
While purchasing goods from our online store, you have to add products to the cart and choose PayPo, as a method of payment.

2nd STEP
If you are not registered to PayPo, you have to provide the data. While purchasing from our online store again, you will have to accept the transaction by providing the SMS code.

3rd STEP
PayPo pays for your online purchases, and you will receive your order.

4th STEP
You can check your purchases from home, and you will be able to pay money to PayPo within 30 days. Remember, you will only pay for the goods you will keep.


1. You can pay within 30 days – without any additional costs.

2. Safe purchasing – you will pay only after you have received the parcel – you are protected by the Buyer Protection Guarantee.

3. Check the products at home – you can return the products that have not met your expectations, and pay for those which you would like to keep.

4. PayPo protects you in a better and cheaper way than the cash on delivery method of payment.