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  • Breadmakers

The bread maker is a device for unattended bread baking, which will easily all the preparation and baking work for you.

Bread maker types

Two types can be differentiated: single-paddle and dual-paddle bread makers. A single paddle enables baking a 1 KG loaf that's enough to feed your whole family. The type of the heating element is imperative. Devices with the heating element surrounding the mould heat up the dough from all sides at once, which ensures the bread is evenly baked. Single-chamber and dual-chamber bread makers prepare a single, or two loafs of bread, respectively. Polymer devices are lightweight, but also less durable. You can find a brushed INOX stainless steel bread maker at our store, which is resilient to damage, while retaining its elegant and modern design.

How does a bread maker work?

All you need to do is put the measured ingredients into the mould and select an appropriate program. The bread maker will do all the work for you – it will mix and knead the dough, and when it has risen, it will bake a lovely, browned loaf.

Which bread maker should I choose?

A good bread maker is characterized by a 600 - 800 W power. A weaker one will struggle with kneading and baking. The option to select loaf size and baking settings allows for selecting parameters according to your preferences and taste. Automatic programs adjust parameters appropriate for a given type of bread, while optimizing power usage. At our store, we offer a bread maker withan automatic fruit, nut and seed dispenser as well as a delayed-start functionality. You may also purchase an ice cream attachment, which will help you to easily prepare a delightful homemade sundae. The bread maker is easy to clean – it's equipped with a non-stick removable mould.

Pros of the bread maker

Autonomous bread baking using the device saves time spent in the kitchen, while allowing you to enjoy delicious, healthy and wholesome bread without preservatives. The advantages of the bread maker are: the ability to pick the ingredients of the pastry, the ability to make gluten-free bread, as well as always having a fresh loaf, without having to go to the store. Take a gander at our bread maker - choose an efficient device that will serve you well for years to come.