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  • Food dehydrator

A food dehydrator is a way to stock up for the fall and winter. Using a food dehydrator you can dry mushrooms, fruit, vegetables, meat or herbs.

Food dehydrator types

There are various kinds of food dehydrators out there. Ones with polymer racks, and ones with metal racks. The drying process may be carried out via ventilation with warm, dry air generated by a heating element or by infrared radiation, which imitates the natural sun-drying process.

How does a food dehydrator work?

The heating element in the base of the device generates heat, and the fan evenly spreads it inside the appliance. Drying efficiency depends on the device's power, rack count and capacity.

Important food dehydrator functionalities

Available at our store is a food dehydrator with the ability to flip and stow the racks, which decreases the size of the device and makes it easier to store. The 5 racks provide you with a large drying area. You can easily add extra racks if you need more. They are made of safe, BPA-free polymer.
Food dehydrator with power and temperature adjustment enables choosing optimal settings for each type of food. Timer allows for setting drying time for the products.

Pros of the food dehydrator

Drying food allows you to enjoy the taste of your favorite products all year long, and improve your dishes by adding them to the recipe. They keep their exquisite taste and nutritional values, and don't contain preservatives.
It's a way of preparing healthy snacks for the whole family: fruit and vegetable chips, porridge or cake additives, or dried fruit for punch. Mushrooms can become a basis for many traditional dishes.
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