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  • Electric blanket Yoer Bero EB01G 180x160 cm

Electric blanket BERO grey, Soft plush, double-sided, 1600 W, 10 levels of power regulation, Timer, Controller with illuminated LCD screen, Possibility to wash it in a washing machine, Protection from overheating, Fast heating up, Long cord, Classic design

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▶ Power 160W: ensures high effectivity.

▶ Double-sided fabric: soft plush (100% poliester).

▶ 180 cm x 160 cm (5.9 x 5.2 ft) of surface: big piece of fabric which can be used even by 2 people at the same time.

▶ 10 degrees temperature regulation: you can adjust appropriable temperature on the basis of your personal preferences, within the rage from 30°C to 48°C (± 5°C).

▶ 10 h of timer: it is you who decide how long you would like to use it and after finished work the blanket will be turned off automatically.

▶ Controller: function buttons and blue illuminated LCD screen.

▶ 247 cm (8.1 ft) of cord: ensures convienent plugging the device into the socket.

▶ Fast heating up: you will feel the heat after just one minute!



1️⃣ Socket for pluging the controller

2️⃣ Power cord and controller with LCD screen

3️⃣ Blanket is double-sided, both sides are made of the same fabric called plush

✅ Electric blanket is made of soft grey plush. Its advantage is reversability. What comes with that, is the fact that you do not have to think about which side you would use to cover yourself during cooler evenings.



🌡Health properties:

  • relieving neuralgia,
  • improving circulation,
  • soothes rheumatic aliments,
  • works for sciatica,
  • warms you up during cool evenings.

▶ It may be washed by hand: at max. temperature 30°C.

▶ It may be washed in a washing machine: at max. temperature 30°C, during low revs.

▶ Automatic turning the device off after finished work of timer

▶ There is a protection from overheating

▶ Classic design: stylish object which suits every interior.



✅ Simple, visible sceen - it shows actual device settings. Blue backlitting makes everything visible even in a dark room:

1️⃣ Setting change indicator - after setting the power of heating and time of work, text SET will vanish. It means that chosen settings are accepted.

2️⃣ Icon which informs about the work of the device - from a moment of turning the device on, the icon will be visible on the screen. It means that from the first minutes the blanket will produce heat.

3️⃣ Remaining time until shutoff icon - an information , about how much time is left until shutoff will be visible as well.

4️⃣ Heating intensity level indicator - there is a possibility of setting appropriable device power within the rage of 1 - 10 levels - between 30°C to 48°C (± 5°C). Thanks to that, you can adjust the power of heating on the basis of your preferencies. You will set the indicator with help of ➕ and ➖ buttons, when text SET vanishes settings will be accepted.

5️⃣ Remaining time untill shutoff indicator - there is from 1 to even 10 hours of optional range. It remains the time untill shutoff. If you want to change the time of work, you have to press the remaining time until shutoff icon. By pressing ➕ and ➖ adjust the amount of hours. When text SET vanishes the setting will be accepted, and blanket will be ready to work. After finished work the blanket will be turned off automatically.

✅ Function buttons on the controller - enable you to choose the appropriable settings easily and fast, and prepare the electric blanket to work:

6️⃣ Heating intensity increase button

7️⃣ Heating intensity decrease button

8️⃣ Timer

9️⃣ ON/OFF button



✅ Compared to normal electric pillow, blanket is more productive and energy efficient!!

▶ High productivity within low use of energy - guarantees warmth and comfortable rest during the optimal power.

▶ Device uses around 45% less energy - it means that it uses small amount of power and it is energy efficent.

▶ Maximum temperature of heating is 55°C - reached on level 10 of temperature regulation. Fast heating up makes you feel more content while using the device.

✅ Blanket is excellent to use during cool evenings with the accompany of your favourite book or while watching a movie. You can cover yourself with it, being ECO and not wasting your money at the same time!



✅ System of concealed within the fabric and additionally protected elements quarantees comfort and security of using!

▶ Evenly unfolded heating fabrics - ensure aprropriable level of heating on the whole blanket area.

▶ Safely built-up and protected from overheating electric cords - you do not have to worry that it is not safe when you use it.

▶ System of automatic protection from overheating - when blanket is turned on for a long time, system of automatic turning off will work, protecting the device from overheating.

❗Turning the device off wait 60 minutes before another turning on to avoid overheating of heating elements.



✅ The blanket adjusts perfectly to your individual needs thanks to 10-level temperature regulation:

Level1️⃣ ➡ 30°C

Level2️⃣ ➡ 32°C

Level3️⃣ ➡ 34°C

Level4️⃣ ➡ 36°C

Level5️⃣ ➡ 38°C

Level6️⃣ ➡ 40°C

Level7️⃣ ➡ 42°C

Level8️⃣ ➡ 44°C

Level9️⃣ ➡ 46°C

Level🔟 ➡ 48°C

❗ Measurement tolerance - for every temperture the measurement is ±5℃ ❗



✅ Electric blanket is not only the source of warmth but it also warms you up during cooler evening. What is more, every element has health benefits. It is perfect for:

▶ Relieves neuralgia - blanket by producing warmth will be the best option to relieve symptoms if you feel strong, unexpected pain in your nerves. It is recommended by specialists!

▶ Improves blood circulation - gently and evenly warms your body up and improves your blood circulation. As a result, you have a good mood and you are active.

▶ Helps with reumatic problems - in this case termotherapy relieves the pain which is interconnected with raumatism and makes your muscles not so tense.

▶ Relieves sciatica - the warmth makes sensory stimulation which leads to decreasing the pain you feel. It decreases the tesion made by sciatica as well.

▶ Relieves tense bones - when joints are overweighted, the warmth producted by blanket will let you relieve it.

▶ Warms up during cooler evening - if you cover yourself with the device you will feel it reassuring warmth which is an excellent accompany during autumn-cool evenings!



▶ Soft in touch reversible fabric - is made of high quality poliester with a structure of soft plush.

❄Swaddle for cooler evenings - is an excellent solution to spend time at your cosy home, alone or not!

🔥Faster blanket heating up - makes you no longer wait for your dream amount of warmth!

▶ You can wash it in a washing machine - after pluging the cord out of the socket, you can easily wash it in a washing machine at 30°C during low revs.

▶ Easy storage - rolled into an ankle can be put inside the box or in the wardobe, but you will like it so much that you will not be able to store it!



⌚It cools down completely after 60 minutes of use - after this time you can safely store it, or turn it on once agian enjoying its qualities.

▶ Automatic shutoff after remaining time indicator - after setting the remaining time programator the blanket will automatically turn off, then you can peacefully drift off being covered with its reassuring warmth.

▶ System of automatic protection from overheating - when blanket is turned on for a long time, system of automatic turning off will work, protecting the device from overheating.



▶ Soft and double-sided fabric:

▪ it is the highest comfort of use thanks to using two sides of the same fabric

▪ it will make your rest a more pleasant moment.

▶ Convenient in use:

▪ light and practical,

▪ rolled takes a little space on the coach or armchair.

▶ Classic color:

▪ grey color,

▪ suits every modern interior.

▶ Without useless decorations - excellent for the lovers of minimalism.



✅ There is a possibility to wash it in a washing machine during low revs at max. temperature 30°.

✅ If you are afraid of automatic washing, you can wash it by hand as well at max. temperature  30°.

⏩ ⏩ ⏩ How propertly wash and dry an electronic blanket❓⏪ ⏪ ⏪

1️⃣ Plug the power cord out of the socket which is on the blanket.

2️⃣ Put it in a washing machine or prepare to wash it by hand.

3️⃣ Use powder or soft detergent for washing.

4️⃣ It would be good if you'd turn the rinsing program after washing or rinse it by hand with a fresh water just to completely get rid of the detergent.

5️⃣ Unfold the blanket on a flat surface and leave it to dry.

6️⃣ Before turning it on make sure that the blanket is completely dry and check if the socket elements on a blanket are dry as well.

▶ How not to wash or dry a blanket❓

❌ Do not use erosive cleaning agents.

❌ Do not use bleach.

❌ Do not dry the blanket with a heater.

❌ Do not use tumble dryer for drying.

❌ Do not iron the blanket.



▶ Power: 160W

▶ Blanket dimensions: 180 cm x 160 cm (5.9 x 5.2 ft)

▶ Power cord length: 247 cm (8.1 ft)

▶ Weight: 2,4 kg (5.3 lbs)

▶ Color: Grey

▶ Fabric: Soft plush (100% poliester)

▶ Polish power plug: 220-240V, 50-60Hz



1️⃣ Electric blanket

2️⃣ Controller with a power cord

3️⃣ Original packaging



✅ Electric blanket – details above


✅ Receipt/VAT invoice

✅ PL/EN instruction manual.



✅ 2 variants of colours is a possibility to choose which electric blanket suits to the design of your interior.

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 PDF Document YOER EB01G Instruction manual - Click here