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  • Electric burr coffee grinder YOER Mulino BCG01BK

Power: 150W, High quality steel burrs, Control panel with backlit display, Coffee bean container: 240g, Ground coffee container: 150g, Coffee grinding straight into the portafilter

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  • Burr grinder with 43 grinding settings exceptionally durable grinder made of industrial hardened stainless steel, 58-62 on the Rockwell scale.
  • 150 W Power allows for reaching the optimal thickness while preserving coffee taste.
  • Automatic outlet makes the grinder easy and comfortable to use.
  • Sleep functionality the device will automatically go into standby after 90 seconds of inactivity, which ensures lower power consumption.
  • Anti-slip base the grinder is equipped with anti-slip feet to keep it stable.
  • Compact dimensions the device is appropriately sized to be a good match even in a very small kitchen.
  • Modern design the grinder was created with modern and exclusive decor in mind.
  • Easy operation the grinder is very easy and comfortable to use.
  • High effectiveness the device grinds up to 105 g of coffee per minute.
  • Improper assembly safeguard in the event of improper assembly of the grinding element, the device will not begin operation.


  1. Coffee bean container tight lid
  2. Tightly closed removable coffee bean container
  3. Control panel
  4. Coffee grinding thickness regulation knob
  5. Tightly closed ground coffee container
  6. Anti-slip base
  7. Accessory compartment in the container lid
  8. Portafilter bracket holder
  9. Grinding element with steel burrs
  10. Steel grinder base
  11. Portafilter bracket

Portafilter bracket with "ON" button grinds coffee directly into the portafilter to get exactly as much as you need by pushing it in.

The portafilter bracket is equipped with a button that automatically engages the grinder as the portafilter is pushed into the bracket. The portafilter icon will be lit on the display. When the portafilter is taken out, the device will automatically halt operation.

Grinding thickness regulation knob coffee grinds thickness affects its intensity. Owing to the ability to regulate the grinding thickness, you can fine-tune the coffee to individual tastes.


Fully automatic grinder - there is no need to supervise the grinding process. After selecting the desired settings, the freshly ground coffee will be placed in its container and the grinder will stop the operation on its own.

6 grinding modes allows the user to choose the amount of ground coffee, to assure it is always fresh and full of aroma.

1. One coffee cup 10 seconds
2. Two coffee cups 20 seconds
3. Three coffee cups 30 seconds
4. Four coffee cups 40 seconds
5. Five coffee cups 50 seconds
6. Portafilter grinding Constant mode


Control panel with backlit display - displays information about current grinding mode and the amount. The backlit display gives the device a modern look.

  1. 150g tightly closed removable ground coffee container - preserves the aroma of freshly ground coffee. It is euquipped with a polymer lid with a rubber latch that prevents air access to the coffee.
  2. 240g removable coffee bean container - the removable container simplifies emptying and refilling, and the automatic lock ensures that no coffee beans are spilled. You can fill the container and store it in a dim place, due to the fact that it was designed to prevent the beans from drying out and losing their aroma.
  3. Portafilter bracket holder - locked at the back of the device, the holder enables storage of the bracket in a convenient spot so it is always within reach.
  4. Container lid accessory compartment - the accessories supplied with the set can be stored within the device itself. You can be sure to never lose them and always keep them close.

Why steel cone burr grinders are the best choice?

Steel burs are impervious to wear and more durable than ceramic burrs. They offer formidably better sharpness than their ceramic counterparts, which means the coffee will contain less dust, and the ready beverage taste will be more mellow.

The high quality also means that operation will not be any louder than that of a ceramic burr grinder.

  1. Impact grinder blades - coffee beans are severely heated, which dissipates some of its nutritional values. A lot of dust is created, which sours the beverage.
  2. Flat burrs - chunks - of coffee may get stuck in the grinder due to its flat construction. This will have an impact on the taste, because the burrs do not crush the beans througly.
  3. Cone burrs - because of the conic shape of the burrs, no chunks get stuck, which makes it easier to clean. The burrs generate much less heat than their flat counterparts, which results in unaltered coffee taste and its nutritional values remain unchanged. Cone burrs have to make less revolutions per minute to grind coffee effectively.

A steel cone burr grinder will help you get the best taste.



  1. Power: 150W,
  2. Grinding output: 105 g/min,
  3. Coffee bean container with tight lid: 240g,
  4. Ground coffee container with tight lid: 150g,
  5. Power cord length: 77 cm (30.3 ")
  6. Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lbs),
  7. Dimensions: 34,3 cm (height) x 12 cm (width) x 23 cm (length) (13.5 x 8.3 x 9.1 "),
  8. Color: Black with silver steel elements,
  9. Polish power plug: 220-240V 50/60Hz


  1. Electric burr coffee grinder
  2. Ground coffee container with tight lid
  3. Coffee measure
  4. Grinder cleaning brush
  5. Portafilter bracket holder
  6. Original packaging


  • Electric burr coffee grinder - details above,
  • Warranty card,
  • PL/EN instruction manual.
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PDF Document YOER BCG01BK Instruction manual - Click here