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  • Electric convector heater YOER Glosso CH02W

Power: 2000 W, 4 modes of work, Remote control via Wi-Fi, Effectiveness range: 28 m², Parental lock Thermal fuse Touch control panel, Timer, LED display, Protection level: IP2.

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  1. Mounted thermostat - keeping the chosen temperature in the room
  2. 24 h timer - programming turning the device on and the end of its work according to your personal needs
  3. Programming the device work for 7 days - setting the schedule of device work for a whole week, thanks to the mobile app
  4. Touch control panel - ease of programming the device work by the touch of one button
  5. LED display - the possiblity of reading the temperature and mode of work
  6. Remote control - convenient device control, without the need to move
  7. Panel made of harten glass - elegance and durability in one
  8. Increased protection level IP24 - the possibility of installing the device in rooms with higher humidity
  9. 2 ways of assembly - wall or detached
  10. Slim, elegant construction - saving space and room arrangement in a good style
  11. Big mounting holes - ensure proper functioning with safety


  1. Control panel made of harten glass
  2. Mounting accessories
  3. Double mounted feet
  4. Touch control panel
  5. Air inlet
  6. Air outlet
  7. Touch control panel + LED display
  8. Remote control
  9. Thermal fuse


4 modes of operation: ECO, Comfort, Antifreeze and Manual - the possibility of programming the device work accoring to your own needs - functionality and economy
  1. ECO mode - keeping the thermal comfort with the highest economy
    • optimal energy use - decreasing the energy use to 50%
    • high economy
  2. Standby state - the device is always ready to start working in the chosen mode
  3. Parental lock-makes it impossible to accidentally change the setting
  4. Display blanking - the device operation while its display is blank.
  5. Control via the application - the possibility of remote control by phone or tablet on Android or iOS
  6. Antifreeze mode - the thermostat is equipped with a sensor with an overfreezing protection (5- 7°C)
  7. Double overheating protection - built-in thermal fuse and using the modern aluminium heating element equipped with heat sink plates


Standard convector heaters are equipped with high temperature comb heating elements which:
  • cause the combustion of oxygen and dust burns during the device work,
  • evoke an unpleasant smell while heating up,
  • lead to air drying,
  • while exceeding high temperatures they heat up to red, causing excessive heating the sides of the heater up, which increases the risk of burn.

Our convert heater is equipped with modern aluminium X-shaped heating element.
High heat dissipation surface and fast heating up, with decreasing the energy price
  1. Fast heating up - immediate pleasant warmth just after turning the device on.
  2. Modern immersion heater- high effectiveness of the device work.
  3. Heating element equipped with heat sink plates - innovative technology increses service life of the immersion heater with a minimal risk of burning it out.
  4. Aluminium low temperature immersion heater - it does not heat up to red while exceeding high temperatures:

  • It prevents from dust burns
  • Prevents from evoking an unpleasant smell while heating up.
  • It does not dry the air.


Electric energy in convector heaters turns into heat, which is emitated, thanks to the natural convection. The basic principle of device work is gravitational air fow.

There is an installed modern aluminium immersion heater inside the device casing, and its special conctruction causes the production of natural draught in the heater, which is the air movement from bottom to top.
  • The possibility of even immediate heating the room and exceeding the chosen temperature, thanks to natural heating cycle which changes cold air in the room into a warm one.
  • Fast and effective heating through convection heat which ensures a more even temperature distribution in the air and natural air circulation than radiant heat present in traditional heaters.
  • Convector heaters are one of the fastest reacting heaters to changing temperature in the room, thanks to that there is no overheating or chilling phenomenon in the heating room.
  • Exceeding the chosen temperature in the room thanks to which there is a perfect heating comfort and a microclimate favorable to your health.


  1. ECO mode - the highes economy and thermal comfort in a room while using half the heater power.
    • The heater turned on while using ECO mode for 1h uses 1 kWH of energy.
    • Using the heater for 1h during this mode you will pay just 0,67 PLN (0.14 EUR).
  2. Comfort mode - keeping the convenient room temperature while using a whole heater power.
    • The heater turned on while using Comfort mode for 1h uses 2 kWH of energy.
    • Using the heater for 1h during this mode you will pay just 1,34 PLN (0.29 EUR).
  3. Antifreeze mode - preventing from cooling down the room and keeping the room temperature above freezing.
  4. Manual mode - enables to program the temperature of operation 24/7.


Convenient device control in one of 3 available ways.
  • Touch control panel - ease of device control with the help of touch buttons:
  1. Mode selection button - gives the chance to choose an optimal device duration among the 3 available modes.
  2. Power ON/OFF and WiFi connection mode button
  3. Timer button - gives the chance to program the time of duration to 24 h.
  4. Temperature increment button - enables to increase temperature.
  5. Temperature decrement button - enables to decrease temperature.
  • Remote control - enables device control from a further distance without the need to move
  • Application - the possiblity of remote control by the phone or tablet, thanks to Wi-Fi access.


Illuminated LED display informs about the current temperature in the room and indicates the selected mode.
  1. Temperature / time indicator.
  2. Wi-Fi activity indicator
  3. Comfort mode indicator
  4. ECO mode indicator
  5. Antifreeze mode indicator
  6. Control panel lock
  7. ºC Icon (temp.)
  8. Time indicator
  9. Heating indicator

The possibility of device operation even with blank display.


The heater is equipped with Wi-Fi functiona thanks to which the device can be controlled not only with the help of touch control panel and remote control but also by the mobile app thanks to connection with Wi-Fi.
Control via Wi-Fi with the possibility of programming the fan operation on your phone or tablet thanks to easy to use app.

  • The app is available in Google Play and AppStore.
  • The app works on Android and iOS.
  • Programming the device control from anywhere with Internet access.

The app enables setting the device operation in the range of:
  • Turning the operation on and off.
  • Changing the room heating temperature.
  • Reading the room temperature.
  • Mode selection.
  • Setting the schedule of the device operation for a whole week.
  • Programming turning the device operation on or off.


  • Modern minimalistic design - suit every interior.
  • High quality of workmanship with precisely made every detail - functional and decorative at the same time.
  • Narrow, slim construction - perfect for even a little room
  • Wall mounting - economic use of space which goes together with high quality and elegance.
  • Stylish control panel made of harten glass - precision and durability, characterized by excellent aesthetic values.
  • LED display - modern technology in a mnimalistic style.
  • Remote control via Wi-Fi - innovation and comfort

  • Electronic thermostat - comfort, accuracy and precision of functionality enables to save even to 30% of the energy compared to other devices with mechanic thermostats.
  • Timer - economical functionality of the device in the chosen mode during chosen time.
  • 3 modes of work - optimal using up the device.
  • Precise temperature regulation and integrated weekly time.

⏩⏩ Recommended effectiveness range ⏪⏪
  1. 28 m² - good heating
  2. 36 m² - medium heating
  3. 45 m² - weak heating


✅ Functionality which goes together with protection and comfort:
  1. Stable feet - prevent from accidental overturning the device.
  2. Wall mounting - easy essembly thanks to the attached elements.
  3. Control panel made of harten glass - high resistance to mechanical damage and scraches.
  4. Rebust construction - high quality of workmanship with precisely made every detail.
✅ Addictional protection functionalities:
  1. Child lock - manual control panel block.
    • Turning the parental lock by pressing one button.
    • Protection from accidental changing the setting.
  2. Overheating protection - automatic turning the device operation off.
    • Turning the protection on while exceeding too high temperature caused by blocking the air outlet.
    • Protection from damaging the device.
  3. Protection level IP24
    • Protection from hard foreign bodies.
    • Possibility of installing the device in a room with high humidity, like bathroom or laundry.


▶ Max. power: 2000 W
▶ Min. power: 1000 W
▶ Recommended effectiveness range: 28 m² (301.4 ft²)(assuming that the ceiling is 2,6 m of height)
▶ Temperature range: 05- 50 °C
▶ Heater type: Convector
▶ Water heater type: aluminium, low temperature
▶ Control panel: Harten glass with the weight of 0,5cm
▶ Casing: Steel plate protected with anti corrosed coating and varnish resistant to high temperatures
▶ Color: WHITE
▶ Power cord length: 1,53 m (5 ft)
▶ Weight: 8,2 kg (18,1 lbs)
▶ Dimensions with feet: 78 x 51,5 x 7,5 cm (30,7 x 20,3 x 3 '')
▶ Control: 78 x 47 x 7,5 cm (30,7 x 18,5 x 3 '')
▶ Type: wall or portable
▶ Protection level: IP24
▶ Polish power plug: 230V, 50/60 Hz


1️⃣ Convector heater

2️⃣ Remote control

3️⃣ 2x double mounted feet

4️⃣ 4 x mounting plates

5️⃣ 8 x wall plugs

6️⃣ 8 x long screws

7️⃣ 8 x small screws

8️⃣ Original packaging


✅ Convector heater,


✅ Warranty card,

✅ PL/EN instruction manual.
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PDF DocumentYOER CH02 Instruction manual- Click here