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  • Food dehydrator YOER VitaSave FD01S

Power: 450W, 5 transparent and doublesided strainers, LED Display, 24h timer, adjustable dehydrating temperature 35-70°C, anti-skidding base, INOX steel

Warranty: Producer's, 3 years door to door
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Color: Silver
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Weight 2.6 kg

Food Dehydrator Yoer VitaSave FD01S 
perfect for mashrooms, fruits and vegetables


Power: 450W 5 transparent and doublesided strainers  | LED Display

24h TimerAdjustable dehydrating temperature 35-700INOX Steel



  1. Transparent and doublesided strainers
  2. Heating element
  3. Electronic control panel with LED display
  4. Antiskidding base
  5. Top cover layered with INOX stainless steel
  6. INOX stainless steel housing
  7. Control knob for electronic control panel


Cechy produktu:

  • 8 levels of temperature adjustements - in range of 35-70°C will allow you to adjust the temperature accordingly to the type of food you are drying.
  • 12L Capacity - allows for drying of large quantity of products at the same time
  • 24 timer -will allow you to set up the time after which device will stop drying, thanks to it you will not have to control it at all times.
  • 450W Power - thanks to it you will be able to get optimal effects of dehydration keeping up to 97% of vitamins and minerals in your dried products.
  • Modular construction - thanks to availability of additional strainers, you can expand the capacity of your dehydrator.
  • LED Display - dehydrator is simple and comfortable in use, thanks to the readable screen displaying all the needed information.
  • Electronic control with a timer mode.
  • Anti-skidding base - dehydrator is equipped in anti-skidding stems that keep it in stable position. 
  • Modern Design - device was designed with modern and exclusive looks in mind. Housing of the device is finished with high quality INOX stainless steel.



Snacks without preservatives - keep the taste of your favourite natural snacks for longer without preservatives. It is even easier than you think.

Dehydrator made for drying food - it works sensationally with our favourite mashrooms - properly dried mashroom keep their taste. Theu will find use in every house. They work ideally in bigos, soup, cabbage and in pierogi. You will be able to enjoy your mashroom all year round.

Food is dehydrated without preservatives - thanks to it you can be sure that it is healthy. Dehydrated fruits and vegetables have plenty of vitamin K and B besides that they are rich in minerals and fiber, that makes them not only tasty but healthy too. 




High functionality (not only mushroom) - device will allow you to dry different kinds of food, satisfying needs of every user. Besides mushroom you can dry:

  1. Fruits - perfect for musli, a snack or a ingriedient for cake
  2. Vegetables - ideal for broth, soup, groath, rice or meat
  3. Meat - meat snacks, beef jerky for example
  4. Herbs - perfect for spices or tea

Thanks to the drying process you can enjoy the taste of your favourite fruits and vegetables all year round. Dehydrated food has longer expiry date, that finds it use in every kitchen. While food is being dried it loses up to 70-80% of its water. 




Segment, doublesided strainer arrangement - will allow you to dontrol the spacing between strainers. Thanks to the possibility of decreasing the distance between strainers you will not have a problem with storage of the device after it finishes dehydration.

  • Expanded position: device height 27,1 cm (distance between 2,7 cm) - use while dehydrating.
  • Folded position: device height 21,5 cm (distance between 1,5 cm) - use for storage.



Functional and easy in use.

  • Intuitive control panel - dehydrator is simple and comfortable in use, thanks to the readable LED display showing all currently selected settings. 
  1. ON/OFF button
  2. Start/Stop button
  3. Set Time/Temperature button 
  4. LED display
  5. Time/Temperature control knob
  • 5 transparent and doublesided strains - allow for drying of large amount of many different types of food. Transparency allows for easy observation of the process without taking the top cover off that would lead to the loss of heat.
  • Multilevel strainer arrangement - you decide how many strainers to use while drying according to your own needs. We offer additional strainers, that will allow you to increase the capacity of the device.
  • Ventilation slots - special design of the strainers allows for free air circulation between all of the levels, providing efficient work of the device and evenly dried products.


Unlimited capacity - Modular build of the dehydrator - will allow to increase the capacity of the device and customize it to your needs. You will be able to dry even more products at the same time.

Additional strainers available for only 19,99 zł.

One additional strainer increases the capacity by 2,4L.



Technical details:

  • Power: 450W,
  • Capacity: 12L,
  • Power cable length: 93,5 cm,
  • Weight: 2,6 kg,
  • Max. dimensions: 27,1 cm (height) x 31,6 cm (width) x 24,7 cm (length),
  • Min. dimensions: 21,5 cm (height) x 31,6 cm (width) x 24,7 cm (length),
  • Base height: 10,6 cm
  • Color: Silver-black (INOX steel),
  • Polish plug: 220-240V 50/60Hz.





  1. Food dehydrator,
  2. 5 transparent, doublesided strainers,
  3. Top cover,
  4. Original box.

You will get:

  • Food dehydrator - details above,
  • Warranty card,
  • Receit/VAT Invoice
  • PL/EN Instruction manual.
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