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  • Garment steamer YOER X-Impressive GS01P

Power 2280 W, Rotating steam nozzle, Multifunctional ironing board, Ironing board can tilt up to 90°, Adjustable telescopic poles, Capacity of 1,2 L, Quick heating up in 60s

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Garment steamer ★ Fabric steamer ★ Steam generator ★ Steaming station ★ Standing iron YOER GS01P X-Impressive



  1. Collar Hanger
  2. Multi-functional Rotatable Ironing Board
  3. Double Layered Cover
  4. Regulated Telescopic Poles 
  5. Removable Water Tank with comfortable Cord Winder
  6. Modern, Durable Body with Steam Nozzle
  7. Readable LED Display with touch Power ON/OFF button
  8. Large, Stable Body Base with Anti-skidding Stems
  9. Safety Rotating Nozzle Hanger
  10. Nozzle Cap
  11. Nozzle rotate button and Mode Switch
  12. Rotating Nozzle covered with ceramic layer
  13. Built-in Standby Mode sensor
  14. Power indicator
  15. Automatic Preassure Release Valve


  • 2in1 – you can decide if you want to iron with or without the use of steam
  • 60 seconds – quick heating up
  • 2280 W - guarantee of comfortable work
  • Steamer output 40 g/min - your work will be more effective
  • Water Tank 1,2L - iron your clothes without the need for often refilling the water - 30 minutes of steam production
  • 3 levels of tilt adjustment of the Ironing Board (30°, 60° i 90°) – adjust the tilt of the Ironing Board to your requirements
  • 1,4 m steamer cord - iron your clothes without moving the Main Base
  • Standby Mode – you will gain comfortable and safe work
  • Cord wrap – you can easily store your cord
  • Regularable Telescopic Poles– adjust the height to your own requirements
  • Rotating Nozzle covered with ceramic layer with a button slot – get high comfort and protect the fabric from the heat
  • Collar Hanger – iron perfectly every element of your shirt
  • Safely Rotating Nozzle Hanger – turn the Nozzle without the risk of burning yourself
  • change the position of the Nozzle without burning yourself - iron delicate fabrics without the risk of damaging them
  • Large Ironing Board in the package – save your money and make your work easier
  • Cover and Ironing Board allow the steam to flow freely - protection from damaging your clothes


Multifunctional YOER X-Impressive device - its is you who decide in which position you want to iron your clothes.

  1. Vertical ironing:
    • will allow you to iron out all the creases in vertical position with hot steam.
    • Only thing you need to do is to put your clothes on a Hanger or Ironing Board set to vertical position and you can comfortably iron all of your clothes without getting additional wrinkles on them.
    • Stream of hot steam will get rid of even the strongest wrinkles!
  2. Horizontal ironing:
    • will allow you to iron your clothes with stream of hot steam, that you previousely arranges on the multifunctional Ironing Board.
    • Special Nozzle Cap will allow you to iron even the most delicate fabrics.
    • The device can also iron dry, that will work perfectly for fabrics like chiffon - fabrics creasing easily from contact with water.


Continuous steam release up to 30 min:

  • innovative technology will ensure continuous steam release up even for 30 minutes, which traditional steam stations will not guarantee you.
  • Thanks to a powerful pressure release, efficiency of your ironing will rise exponentially in comparison to regular ironing.
  • Huge performance of the device will translate into much shorter time, that you need to iron your clothes.

Quick heating up in 60 seconds:

  • will make the device ready to work in nearly no time after starting it,
  • thanks to it you will be able to quickly and effectively get rid of even the biggest wrinkles and this is all thanks to the high quality ceramic heating panel.

Removable Water Tank 1,2 L:

  • will guarantee that you will be able to work with our Steamer for a long time.
  • You will avoid taking breaks to refill the reservoir.


  1. Nozzle Cap:
    • will protect your fabrics from high temperature,
    • at the same time prevents from damaging delicate fabrics.
  2. Handle for safe rotation of the Steam Nozzle:
    • while ironing the Nozzle heats up to high temperature,
    • according to your safety we equipped our device with special Handle, thanks to it you cannot change the position of our Steam Nozzle without the risk of burns.

    All you have to do is to place the Steam Nozzle in a handle and press the Nozzle rotation button, and then change its position by pulling gently the Handle to rotate the direction you want it.

  3. Rotating Nozzle covered with ceramic layer:
    • much more comfortable to use than standard irons and steamers.
    • it will guarantee even spread of steam,
    • it will prevent from burning the fabrics,
    • it will make an easier glide on the material,
    • excellent effects of ironing in a dry and steamer mode you will get it during ironing different types of fabrics.
    • Huge Steam Nozzle equipped with 10 openings, through which the pressure is being released 40g/min.
  4. Steam Nozzle with button slot - iron hard-to-reach places!


The Nozzle is tiltable up to 90°:

  • thanks to the possibility of changing the Nozzle position you can gain ironing surface with the width of:
    1. 9 cm (3.5 "),
    2. 17 cm (6.7 ").
  • iron a narrow shirt or a wide net curtain.

All you have to do is to rotate the hot Steam Nozzle while ironing, thanks to attached Safety Rotating Nozzle Hanger

2in1 - iron in a steam and dry mode:

  • Ironing in a steam mode - you can iron your clothes with the use of steam.
  • Ironing in a dry mode - you can choose whether you want to iron with or without the steam.
  • Easily change the way you want to iron your clothes - in a steam and dry mode according to your requirements.


Simple and intuitive control of the device

LED display with touch ON/OFF button:

  1. Steaming mode indicator – informs about active ironing with the use of steam mode, which can be turned on by pressing Mode Switch button which is located on the Steam Nozzle.
  2. Power ON/OFF button – turn on or off the device by single touch.
  3. Standby mode indicator – informs about active Standy State mode, when the Steam Nozzle is being put on the special Base which is located on the Main Body, equipped with an indicator.
  4. Ironing mode indicator – informs about actice ironing mode, which can be turned on by pressing Mode Switch button which is located on the Steam Nozzle.
  5. Steam ready indicator:
    • continuous light - start ironing, when the device is ready to work,
    • blinking indicator light - informs that the device is heating up.
  6. Steam mode - blue light:
    • continuous light - informs about the active work,
    • blinking indicator light - informs about the device standby state.


Special handle equipped with:

  1. Nozzle rotate button:
    • Vertical way
    • Horicontal way

    Nozzle rotate button enables quick and comfortable work with the device

    Safety rotating nozzle hanger

    • lets you rotate the hot Steam Nozzle while ironing without the risk of burns.
    • Ironing different types of clothes during one try.
  2. Mode indicator:
    • a. Ironing with the use of steam – Top switch – blue light
    • b. Ironing without the use of steam – Bottom switch – red light


Modern technology will allow you to enjoy all the possibilities of the Steamer.

Sleep mode:

  • the device is not producing steam, but is still heating up.
  • all you have to do is to put Steam Nozzle on the special Base on the Main Body, equipped with Standby Mode sensor.

If you want to wake up the device you have to lift the Steam Nozzle from the special Base with sensor.

  • The Steamer is equipped with Power indicator, which after 5 minutes make the device swith from Sleep Mode to Stanby State.
  • Quick waking up the device from the Standby State – you can start ironing again:
  1. immediatelly – if the device was in sleep mode for less than 3 minutes,
  2. after 25 seconds of heating up – if the device was in the sleep mode for more than 3 minutes,
  3. after 48 seconds of heating up – if the device was in the sleep mode for more than 5 minutes.

If you want to wake up the device from the Standby State you have to lift the Steam Nozzle with Standby sensor from the special Base and press Power ON/OFF button which is on the Main Body.

  • 2in1 device – ironing with or without hot steam – more functionalities and saving your money.
  • Steam output 40g/ min – the steam enables you to iron double layer of fabric during one try – saving up even to 50% of your time.


The Ironing Board has a tilt adjustment, which will make it easier to iron different type of clothes:

  • long dresses,
  • delicate jackets,
  • shirts of different fabrics.

Tilt adjustment:

  • 30°,
  • 60°,
  • 90°.

Large ironing surface in the horizontal position will allows for complete arrangement of small clothes on the board and partially for larger clothes.

The Ironing Board and its cover are made to break the steam freely.

Practical Collar Hanger is an additional element that makes ironing hard-to-reach places easier.

Telescopic Poles:

  • will let you precisely adjust the height to your own requirements.
  • thanks to it you will be able to care for your posture while ironing and take some weight off your spine,
  • It will make ironing much more enjoyable!


UNIVERSAL, MODERN LOOK - suits every interior.

  1. High quality case:
    • Steamer is made of the best materials, which guarantee the device durability.
    • Steamer is the device that was made having your home in thought, not only with design but also with functionalities and innovativity.
    • Main Body with Yoer logotype.
  2. Compact device:
    • folding out a heavy Ironing Board with various kinds of ironing sleeves will not be an issue for you.
    • Thanks to the vertical construction of the device, YOER X-Impressive can be put in any, easy to access place.

    Steamer's weight enables its comfortable moving.

  3. Readable LED display with touch Power ON/OFF button.


  1. Built-in Stanby Mode sensor – makes the device automatically switch to Stanby State after 5 minutes of the Sleep Mode.
  2. Automatic Pressure Release Valve – when the pressure inside the Steamer is too high, the setting at the bottom of the unit will release pressure automatically, thanks to that Steamer will last for ages.
  3. Anti-skidding stems – iron without the risk of sudden moving the device.
  4. Cord wrap – safe and comfortable winding up the cord.
  5. Nozzle Cap – safe for your clothes.
  6. Special Handle – rotate heated up the Steam Nozzle without the risk of burns.
  7. Double Layered Cover and Ironing Board are made for free air circulation and water vapor flow.
  8. Ceramic Cover – quarntees even spread of steam – protection of you and your fabrics.
  9. Sleep Mode – device can be put into Sleep Mode anytime, it will stop the release of steam, but it will still be heated up. Thanks to that it is always ready to start its operation.
  10. System of blocking the elements – Ironing Board and Telescopic Poles assembly lock.


  • Power: 2280 W
  • Steamer output: 40 g/min
  • Nozzle max. temp.: 150° C
  • Removable Water Tank: 1,2 L
  • Heating up time: 60 second
  • Steamer cord length: about 1,4 m (4.6 ft)
  • Power cord length: 1,8 m (6 ft)
  • Ironing Board dimensions: 41 cm (width.) x 50 (height.) (16.1 x 20 ")
  • Steam Nozzle dimensions: 9 x 28,5 cm (4 x 11.2 ")
  • Nozzle dimensions: 9 x 17 cm (4 x 28 ")
  • Weight: 6,9 kg (15.2 lb)
  • Color: Plum purple
  • Dimensions: 155,5 cm - 61 "(max. height) x 41 cm - 5.5 "(width) x 36 cm - 14.2 "(length)
  • Polish power plug: 220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz


  1. Collar Hanger
  2. Rotatable Ironing Board with reversible cover
  3. Safely Rotating Nozzle Hanger
  4. Nozzle Cap
  5. 2 Telescopic Poles
  6. Protective Glove
  7. Main Body with Steam Nozzle
  8. Body Base
  9. Original packaging


  • Steamer - details above,
  • Warranty card,
  • Receipt/VAT invoice,
  • PL/EN Instruction manual.
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PDF Document YOER GS01P Instruction manual - Click here

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