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  • Ice maker with water dispenser YOER Everest IMW01S

Ice maker performance: 10-15 kg/24 h, water reservoir: 1,8L, ice container capacity: 600g, ability to connect the ice maker to a permanent water supply 3 ice cube sizes touch control panel, durable steel case, ice cubes and water dispenser

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Weight 13 kg

2in1 Ice cube maker WATER DISPENSER Yoer Everest INOX STEEL + FREE water filter 




  1. LCD Display

  2. Touch control panel

  3. Ice cubes and water dispenser

  4. Ice cube release button

  5. Transparent preview window

  6. Water inlet allowing for a permanent water supply, and a port for drain pipe

  7. Water reservoir access window

  8. Durable case made out of stainless brushed INOX steel 

  9. Additional water outlet port

  10. Removable drip tray



Product characteristics

• Two ways of supplying water to ice maker

1. Supplying from a permanent source

a) with external filter

b) without filter

2. Manual supply

• Excess water outlet - on the back of the device You can find a port that will allow you to connect the device to a water drainage, that will protect us against the water container getting overfilled.

• Additional water outlet port - located in the bottom part of the backside of ice maker allows You to empty the whole device out of water.

• Cold water dispenser - device is fitted with cold water dispenser, with one press of the button You will have access to a source of cold water.

• Memorization of settings - after turning the device off and on it will work in previously selected mode.






• Sound indicator - informing about water reservoir being empty or ice cube container getting full.

• Modern design - designed with modern and elegant decor in mind.

• Durable case - ice maker is made from high quality INOX brushed steel. 

Removable drip tray - if Your glass got accidentally overfilled or You placed too many ice cubes in it everything that got spilled will gather in the drip tray. Tray is removable that allows for easy emptying that will help You to keep the kitchen clean.

Easy in use - ice maker is really easy and comfortable in use, only thing You need to do is to supply it with water. Ice maker will automatically start producing ice cubes. 






• Readable LCD screen - shows current state of the ice maker that helps You with usage of the device. Display shows:

1) Empty water tank indicator -  Screen will show an information about water tank being empty, thanks to it You will know when you need to refill it or when the permanent water supply is shut off.

2) Full ice cube container indicator - ice maker's display will show a symbol that indicates that the container is full. Thanks to it You will not have to open it and check how full it is.

3) Ice cube release indicator - after pressing dispenser's button ice maker's screen will show a green symbol indicating release of the ice cubes, and Your glass will get filled with perfectly cooled down ice cubes.



2 ways of handing ice cubes



1) Ice cube dispenser option - only thing You need to do is to press the button located below dispenser, and cold ice cubes will fall directly into Your favourite glass. Ice cubes will fall as long as long You are holding the release button or utill ice cube container is empty. 

High efficiency - ice maker can produce 10-15 kgs of ice cubes every 24 hours, that's absolutely enough to prepare a lot of cool and refreshing drinks.

Maximal size of the glass - construction of the ice maker will allow for use of glass as tall as 16cm (with drip tray removed) or 14 cm (with drip tray in place)





2) Possibility of getting ice cubes with a ice cube scoop  - if You don't want to use the ice cube dispenser, You have a possibility of using a preview window located in the top part of the device and attached ice cube scoop. Only thing You need to do is to open preview window cover to get access to ice cubes prepared before and take them out of the container.

Preview window - thanks to it You can observe the process of preparing ice cubes and control how full is the ice cube container.

Ice cube container capacity - thanks to a high capacity of the ice cube container you can be sure, that Your every guest will get a perfectly cooled drink.


2 ways of supplying water to ice maker

1) Permanent water supply with or without filter.

a) Permanent water supply without filter - with use of accessories added to this device You can connect the ice maker to a permanent water supply, thanks to that device will automatically get the amount of water it requires. (pic.1)



b) Permanent water supply with filter - in a situation when the device is connected to the permanent water supply You can add an external water filter on a connection tube. Thanks to it water will be much more healthier and deprived of unpleasant smell and taste of chlorine. (pic.2)



2) Manual refill of water tank 

By using a water container with a scoop You can fill the water tank up without the need of connecting it to a permanent water supply. (pic3)



Device will find use in many different environmentsimage



One device - many uses

2in1 Ice maker with water dispenser

Ice maker works well as a water dispenser. Use of the water dispenser is really easy, after clicking the button on the control panel water will get released quickly.

Cold water dispenser efficiency is about 2,7 L/ min

By using the water dispenser of this ice maker you can get up to 3888 L of cold water in 24 hours, that will provide you with perfectly cooled drink.





Technical details: 

  • Ice maker efficiency: 10-15 kg/24 h

  • Ice cube container capacity: 600g

  • Water tank capacity: 1,8 L

  • Water dispenser efficiency: 2,7 L/min (3888 L/24h)

  • Power: 150W

  • Coolant: R600a

  • Dimensions: 31 cm x 42,5 cm x 37 cm

  • Weight: 13 kg

  • Color: Silver - Black (INOX Steel)

  • Polish plug - 230-240V 50/60Hz



  1. Ice maker

  2. Water container

  3. Scoop

  4. Accessories for permanent water supply connection

  5. DA29 water filter (FREE)

  6. Original box

You will recieve: 

  • Ice maker - details above

  • Warranty card

  • Receit/VAT Invoice

  • PL/EN instruction manual




 PDF DocumentYOER IMW01S Instruction manual - Click here

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