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  • Ice maker with water dispenser YOER Ice Breaker IMW03W

Output: 18 kg/24 h, Water reservoir: 1.8 L, Ice container: 1000 g, Ability to connect a permanent water supply, 2 ice cube sizes, Touch control panel, Ice cube, crushed ice and water dispensers

Warranty: Producer's, 3 years door to door
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  • 18 kg/24 h (39.7 lb/24 h) output - enjoy more ice cubes,
  • 380 W power - high performance,
  • R600a - natural high quality refrigerant,
  • 1 kg (2.2 lb) - capacious ice cube container holds 1 kg of ice cubes,
  • 1,8 L - huge water reservoir capacity without frequent refilling,
  • 16 cubes - the amount of produced cubes during one cycle,
  • 3in1 - ice maker, crushed ice and cold water dispenser,
  • 8-10 minutes - enjoy first ice cubes,
  • 2 sizes of ice cubes - it is you who decides, which size to use,
  • Automatic shutoff - save energy,
  • Memory function - the device maintains its settings so you can restart the devie operation with saved settings,
  • Automatic and manual water reservoir refilling - connect the ice maker to a permanent water supply or fill the water tank manually using the supplied container
  • Ice cube dispenser - push the button located below the dispenser and the cold ice cubes will be served directly into your glass,
  • Cold water dispenser - you do not have to wait until your water in the fridge cools down, enjoy perfectly cold water in a minute,
  • LED display - control the operation of the ice maker thanks to the visible display,
  • Brushed INOX stainless steel - it will enrich your interior in an elegant way thanks to the universal combination of colors,
  • Touch control panel - you can easily change the device settings,
  • Viewing window - observe the operation of the ice maker whenever you want,
  • Removable drip tray - get rid of accumulated water quickly,
  • Connection to a permanent water supply - you do not have to refill the water tank manually,
  • Water drain valve - drain the water from the tank in an easy way,
  • Water tank empty indicator - the ice maker will inform you when there will be no water,
  • Ice cube container full indicator - the ice maker will inform you when the ice cubes will be ready,
  • Ice crushing function - serve delicious drinks at summer home parties.


  1. Transparent sight window
  2. Easy-to-read LED display
  3. Touch control panel
  4. Crushed ice and water dispenser
  5. Ice cube dispenser
  6. Cooling compressor
  7. Water reservoir access door
  8. Water inlet allowing for a permanent water supply
  9. Removable drip tray
  10. Anti-slip feet


  • EFFICIENT  - owing to the efficient heat-extracting compressor, the device can produce as much as 18 kg (39.7 lbs) ice cubes per day.
  • QUICK - first ice cubes are ready after just 8-10 minutes of operation
  • INTUITIVE - the ice maker is evry easy and intuitive to use. Simply supply water and it will automatically begin making ice cubes according to chosen size.

2 sizes of ice cubes - select the size of ice cubes according to your personal needs

  • S size - will prove perfectly for any type of beverage,
  • L size - will be a great choice for poultices or cooling down beverage in bottles or cans.

SAFE - the ice maker is equipped with a buzzer. The device will inform you when the ice cube tank is full or when there is no water.



LED display indicates current ice maker operational status

The 7 indicators will allow to continuously monitor the ice maker's operation:

  1. Water tank empty indicator - a prompt will appear on the screen to let you know that the water reservoir is empty, so that you know when to refill it or when the permanent water supply has been closed off.
  2. Ice cube container full indicator - when the container is full, a symbol will be shown on the screen, so there is no need to access the container to check it.
  3. Warning indicator - informs of improper or faulty device operation. If this occurs, contact official YOER customer service.
  4. Set ice cube size indicator - shows currently chosen size of ice cubes.
    • S - small ice cubes
    • L - large ice cubes
  5. Ice cube extrusion indicator - lights up when the right side dispenser is serving ice cubes.
  6. Water dispenser operation indicator - informs that the left side dispenser is pouring water.
  7. Ice crushing function indicator - a few seconds after it lights up the left dispenser will begin serving ice.


Control panel is equipped with 4 allowing for quick and easy changing of settings:

  1. Ice crushing function - CRUSHED ICE -press the button to open crushed ice. Press the button once again to stop the ice crushing function.
  2. Small ice cube selection - SMALL -  select if you want to make small ice cubes.
  3. Large ice cube selection - LARGE - select if you want to make large ice cubes.
  4. Power ON/OFF - ON/OFF - press to turn the device on or off.


Automatic ice crushing:

  • the ice maker serves crushed ice straight into glass under the dispenser
  • perfect solution during heatwaves or at parties. It is perfect for: iced coffee, fruit smoothie, drinks, freshly squeezed juice, serve sea food


Water dispenser functionality:

  • the ice maker produces about 2,2 L/min which is as much as 3168 L of cold water within 24 hours
  • cool down in a minute.


Large container:

  • thanks to its 1 kg (2.2 lb) capacity all your guests can receive a perfectly chilled beverage.
  • there is no need to wait for another portion of ice cubes.

Transparent sight window:

  • observe the ice making process as well as the amount of ice cubes in the container.


  • Ice cube dispenser - all you need to do is to push the button located below the dispenser and the cold ice cubes will be served directly into your glass and will continue to be served for as long as you are pressing the button or until the container has been emptied.
  • Manual ice cube serving, utilizing the scoop - after opening the sight window at the top of the ice maker, you can take out the ice manually, using the supplied ice scoop.

How does the ice maker work?

The ice cubes are made thanks to sinked in water molds. The molds are cooled down thanks to the used refrigerant.

  • During one cycle, the ice maker produces 16 ice cubes
  • After the ice cubes are made, the molds are heated up so that they can be pushed into the reservoir by the paddle.
  • Created ice cubes are put inside of the isolated tank when their temperature is  maintained.

Enjoy your ice cubes for a long time!



The construction of the ice maker enables you to use different types of glasses, thanks to which you have the possibility to use your favourite one.

Removable drip tray - afer taking the drip tray off you are able to make your favourite beverage inside of your favourite cup.

  • Maximum height of glasses with the drip tray installed - 17,5 cm (6.9 ").
  • Maximum height of glasses with the drip tray removed - 21,5 cm (8.5 ").

You have the possibility to make different beverages at the same time.



Automatic water reservoir refilling - connect the ice maker to a permanent water supply and enjoy the ice cubes all the time.

  1. Automatic water refilling - permanent water supply with or without a filter:
    • Connecting to a permanent water supply without a filter:
    • using the supplied accessories you connect the ice maker to an external water source, which allows the appliance to take as much of it as it needs.
    • the device will take an appropriate amount of water for the ice making production.
    • Connecting to a permanent water supply with external filter:
    • when connecting your device to a permanent water supply you may also instal an external water filter to the hose.
    • owing ot that the water will be healthier and purged of the unpleasant smell and taste of chloride.
  2. Manual water reservoir refilling:
    • Container with measure - supplied with the set measure allows you to refill the water without the need to connect the ice maker to a permanent water supply.


UNIVERSAL, MODERN LOOK - suits every interior

The ice maker has got not only a lot of functionalities but unique, luxurious design as well.

  • High-quality body:
  • Front panel of the device is made of brushed INOX stainless steel with beautiful silver shine.
  • The ice maker is made of best materials which quarantees its durability.
  • The body is decorated with YOER producer logotype.
  • Easy-to-read LED display with touch control panel.

The weight of 17 kg (37.5 lb) is:

  • a sign of best quality materials
  • a guarantee of stability during operation


  1. Transparent sight window - observe the ice making process.
  2. Removable drip tray - use the water and ice crush dispenser with no worries about flooding the countertop.
  3. Anti-slip feet - perfect stability, the feet protects the ice maker against sudden movements and secure your countertop against scraches.
  4. Water reservoir access door + removable water tank - fill the water tank in a simple and safe way without connecting the ice maker to a permanent water supply.
  5. Rebust, stable construction - huge weight of the device is a guarantee of the use of high quality materials.
  6. Empty water tank indicator - the device will inform you when the water tank is full.
  7. Ice cube tank full indicator - when the ice cubes are made, the ice maker will let you know about it by making a characteristic sound signal.


  • Output -18 kg/24 h (39.7 lb/24 h)
  • Ice cube container capacity- 1 kg (2.2 lb)
  • Water reservoir capacity- 1.8 L
  • Time after which first ice cubes are made- 8-10 min. 
  • Power -380 W
  • Refrigerant - R600a
  • Dimensions - 34 x 44 x 45.5 cm (13.4 x 17.3 x 17.9 ")
  • Weight - 17 kg (37.5 lb)
  • Type of display - LED
  • Color- silver, black
  • Casing - INOX stainless steel + polymer
  • Power cord length- 124 cm (1.4 ft)
  • Polish power plug - 220-240V~ 50Hz


  1. Ice maker
  2. Water refill container
  3. Ice scoop
  4. Permanent water supply installation accessories
  5. Original packaging


  • Ice maker - details above,
  • Waranty card,
  • PL / EN instruction manual.
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PDF DocumentYoer IMW03W Instruction manual - Click here