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  • Jug blender YOER Titano JB03S

Jug blender YOER TITANO JB03S 4in1: 6 stainless steel cutting blades, coffee, herb and nut grinder, 2 blender cups, power 1800W, fluent speed control, max capacity 2,4 L, 3 automatic functions (smoothie, purée, ice-crushing), pulse mode, stainless, brushed INOX steel

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  • Multi-functional blender 4in1: jug blender, 2 compatibile blender cups, coffee, nut and herb grinder
  • 6 steel cutting blades with some stain: enjoy the most persistant elements on the market
  • 3 completely automatic programs: prepare delicious purée, smoothie or turn on ice-crushing function
  • Pulse mode: you will get full control over the blending process during the highest rotations
  • Fluent speed regulation: perfect for mixing soft and hard products
  • 1800 W - max. power: quarantee of convenient work and perfectally blended ingredients
  • 1200 W - energy use: energy-efficience and power optimalisation
  • Glass jug 2,4 l with a 1,8l of working capacity: you will prepare 8 portions of 225ml of coctail during one try
  • Device body made of stainless, brushed INOX steel: impressing design and unbeatable quality of wormanship
  • Convenient orifice in a jug lid: fast ingredients adding during the work of the device
  • Removable measure: allows you to define the amount of needed ingredients in a precise way
  • Safety lock: the device will not turn on in the event of incorrect assembly
  • Anti-slip feet: will ensure complete stability and safety
  • Overheating protection: do not worry about damaging your device
  • Illuminated control knob: control the device operation in an easy way


  1. Removable construction
  2. Jug lid with a rubber seal
  3. Rebust, glass jug with a convenient spout
  4. 6 stainless steel cutting blades with a rubber seal
  5. Jug mount with a safety lock
  6. Body
  7. Illuminated knob with automatic speed indicators
  8. Rebust base with non-slip feet
  9. 6 stainless steel cutting blades for bidons
  10. Convenient jug handle
  11. 2 screw-in cup lids with and a pendant and a mouthpiece
  12. 2 capacious blender cups
  13. Grinder lid with a rubber seal
  14. Coffee, herb and nut grinder


  1. Ready to pulsating work position / stopping the device from working - immediatelly stops blender from working and enables using the pulse mode.
  2. Ice crushing function - you will receive a full jug of perfectly crushed ice within a couple of minutes.
  3. Smoothie function- you will prepare fresh smoothie with your favourite fruit and vegetables within a minute.
  4. Vegetable and fruit purée function - allows you to prepare smooth purée or delicious, fruit mousse automatically.
  5. Function engage/pulse mode - press the button to attach the highest rotations of the motor. Function engage is useful if you want to blend harder products.
  6. Continuous operation mode with speed adjustment - convenient, illuminated knob will allow you to adjust the rotational speed that you actually need.


Jug blender Titano is a synonyme of more effective and faster work!

  • Energy-efficience on the level of 1200W ensures the effectivity compared to using 1800W - quaratee of comfortable work and perfectly blended products with the use of optimal power.
  • The device uses around 25% less energy than traditional blenders - thanks to that you can truely say it is energy efficient.
  • Pulse mode - is an ability of blending on the highest rotations with a full control.


6-wing, steel cutting blades with some stain is a quarantee of:

  • unbeatable durability,
  • bigger sustainability,
  • resistance to damage,
  • much more effective food grinding.

✅ Thanks to this blender Titano is better than a huge amount of simmilar products on the market!

Simple cleaning - each of two packages of 6-way cutting blades can be plugged out of the device and dried after finished work easily.


  • more precise, effective and faster mixing
  • precise hard food grinding
  • bigger resistence to using-up


⭐ When it comes to design we do not compromise. Blender has not only the best functionality, but it also has a unique, luxurious design:

Jug mount and device body are made of brushed INOX stainless steel with a beautiful, silver shine

Control knob is whitely lluminated:

  • fully visible
  • convenient for your eyes

Cutting blades have golden, stainless, shining cover

Jug is made of extremally hard harten glass

The device body is decorated with the YOER's logotype


4,4 kg of weight is:

  • indication of high quality fabrics
  • quarantee of device rebust during intensive work

✅ Scrolls inside the blender motor are made of high quality cuprum. Thanks to that the motor is heavy and stable. It guarantees bigger productivity during work and better energy leading.



Jug blender - a lot of functions, excellent quality of glass jug and stainless steel cutting blades make Titano blender perfect for extra tasks.

Grinder - plugging into the blender base allows extremely fast coffee, herb and nut grinding.

2 blender cups - twist them clockwise to the device body. It will prepare delicious, fresh beverage directly in your cup in a couple of minutes.


Huge power of 1800 W:

  • interconnected with stainless steel cutting blades gives amazing effects of blending
  • blender prepares whatever snack you want with a perfect consistence within less than a minute

Blender for EXTRA TASKS - prepare home made peanut butter!

  1. Pour 2,5 glasses of roasted peanuts with the addition of 2 spoons of oil.
  2. Turn the blender on at full speed and blend for a minute.
  3. Take a short break and then blend again for 1 minute.
  4. Add you favourite additives, such as crushed peanuts thanks to which you will get crunchy peanut butter.
  5. DONE!


⭐ Do not waste your money on buying another device- blender Titano has coffee, herb and nut grinder for chopping and grinding:

  • aromatic coffee,
  • hard nut,
  • smelling herb.

Completely ready - to begin grinding:

  • plug the grinder into the blender base
  • adjust preferable speed.

Huge and rebust:

  • you can grind even 250 g of dry ingredients
  • grinder's max. capacity is 1,7 l.

In the package with 4-wing, steel cutting blades:

  • guarantee of fast grinding
  • bigger effectivity.


Glass jug quarantees best durability and it is because:

  • it is made of harten glass of 0,7 cm (0.3 ") width
  • it is resistent to scraches and cracks
  • it does not absorb smells neither colors of blended products

It has huge max. capacity of 2,4 l - it is almost 2l of working surface. Every time, you can give it to even 8 people, preparing 225ml glasses of coctail for them.


  1. Convenient spout - located in the upper part of the jug, it enables easy and mess-free pouring of beverages!
  2. Ergonomic handle - its shape was designed to increase the comfort of using the jug, while reducing the risk of slipping it out of your hand accidentally.
  3. Measure - located on the side of the jug, allows for checking the amount of products which are being put in the blender. The measure displays 4 different units:
    • mililitres,
    • glasses,
    • pints,
    • ounces.
  4. Impermeable lid with a pratical opening - opening with a diameter of 5cm (2 ") will help you add another ingredients without the need for lifting a whole lid in a safe way.
    • Removable measure - closing the hole is a flexible handle to precise measuring your ingredients.


❓ Do you have no time for spending much time in the kitchen? Are you active and you appreciate your free time?

✅ We equipped our blender with 2 practical blender cups with max. capacity of 0,7l just for you.

Prepare your beverage in 4 easy steps!

  1. Put your favourite fruit and vegetables inside the cup,
  2. Screw the cup on the blender base, using the package of dedicated cutting blades,
  3. Choose SMOOTHIE function,
  4. After less than a minute take the cup with your beverage off and go!

Tight nuts with a pendant and a mouthpiece - our pendant allows you to attach the cup to the backpack or bag. Thanks to that you can have your favourite beverage always with you.

Durability and reliability:

  • cups are made of high quality plastic
  • they are resistent to cracks and scraches.


✅ It is dishwasher-safe - most of the accessories which are attached with the device can be washed in a dishwasher:

  • Removable measure
  • Jug lid
  • Jug lid rubber seal
  • Glass jug
  • Grinder lid
  • Grinder lid rubber seal
  • Cup lids
  • Blender cups


  1. Safety lock:
    • prevents the blender from turning on in the event of improper assembly, for example if the jug, cup or grinder is incorrectly installed,
    • prevents from accidentally turning the device on.
  2. Non-slip feet:
    • make the blender rebust
    • prevent the device from moving while working on the highest rotations effectivelly.
  3. Automatic overheating protection:
    • blender will automatically turn off after achieving the maximum temperature
    • avoiding overheating will make your blender usefull for a longer time.


  • Max. power (blocking the motor): 1800 W
  • Nominal power: 1200 W
  • Volume level: 69 dB
  • Jug max. capacity: 2,4 l
  • Jug working capacity: 1,8 l
  • Cup max. capacity: 0,7 l
  • Cup working capacity: 0,6 l
  • Grinder capacity: 1,7 l
  • Blender dimensions: 44,5 x 18 x 19,5 cm (17.5 x 7.1 x 7.7 ")
  • Cup dimensions: 24 x 7,5 x 7,5 cm (9.4 x 3 x 3 ")
  • Grinder dimensions: 15 x 20,5 x 14,5 cm (6 x 8.1 x 5.7 ")
  • Jug dimensions: 28,5 x 20,5 x 15 cm (11.2 x 8.1 x 6 ")
  • Blender with jug weight: 4,4 kg (9.7 lb)
  • Blender with accessories weight: 5,5 kg (12.1 lb)
  • Power cord length: 104 cm (41 ")
  • Color: Silver
  • Polish power plug: 220-240 V~ 50-60 Hz


  1. Removable measure
  2. Jug lid
  3. Jug lid rubber seal
  4. Glass jug
  5. Cutting bldes rubber seal
  6. 6 stainless steel cutting blades
  7. Jug mount
  8. Blender base
  9. 2 screw-in cup lid
  10. 2 blender cups
  11. 6 stainless steel cup cutting blades
  12. Grinder lid
  13. Grinder lid rubber seal
  14. Coffee, herb and nut grinder
  15. Original packaging
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PDF DocumentYoer JB03S Instruction manual - Click here