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  • Package of 7 multifunctional attachments for steam mop YOER SMC01W

Package of 7 multifunctional attachments for steam mop YOER SMC01W: Crevice attachment, Scraper, Metal brush, Small and large nylon brush, Grout attachment, Window squeegee attachment

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Package of 7 multifunctional attachments for steam mop YOER SMC01W




  • 7 multifunctional attachments compatibile with steam mop SMC01W YOER Clean Slide.
  • Perfect for cleaning almost every surface in your house.
  • Simple and quick assembly - all you have to do is put the chosen attachment on the end of the hose or handheld cleaner.
  • Crevice attachment - allows to reach the most inaccessible places and narrow gaps, which appear, for example around a tap.
  • Scraper - enables you to remove all dried fat and food remains which appear in your pan or oven.
  • Grout attachment - effectivelly cleans deeply seated dirt which remains between the tiles.
  • Metal brush - helps you to clean your grill grate, fireplace interior and other difficult places from stubborn deposits, soot and fat.
  • Small and large nylon brush - universal brushes in 2 different sizes which will help you remove stains from, for example table tops, washbasins, fridges, cookers, showers and other places.
  • Window squeegee attachment - perfect for cleaning glass, mirrors and windows.


 Total weight: 0,07 kg (0.2 lbs)



  1. Crevice attachment
  2. Scraper
  3. Metal brush
  4. Nylon brush (small)
  5. Grout attachment
  6. Nylon brush (large)
  7. Window squeegee attachment
  8. Packaging



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