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  • YOER Pure Spot APH01W air purifier HEPA filter

Efficiently removes PM2.5 particles Purifies the air from pollution,  Compatible with air purifier YOER APH01W

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HEPA filter for air purifier YOER APH01W



Filter compatibile with air purifier YOER APH01W
• Perfect filtration
• Effectively removes PM2,5 particles - atmospheric aerosols, which are one of the most harmful pollution in the atmosphere
• It cleans the air from pollution such as: bacteria, mites, protozoa and microbes, viruses and dust
• It stops unpleasant smells
• It uses new generation of compositive materials
• Special construction which consists of pores
• Perfect for allergy sufferers

Weight: 0,2 kg (0.4 lbs)
• Dimeniosions: 28,5 cm x 28 cm x 2,5 cm (11.2 x 11 x 1 ")
• Color: Black with white accents
• Longevity: about 12 months

• HEPA filter
• Packaging

imageHEPA filter for air purifier YOER APH01W - a smart device, which can perfectly perform your home air menager function.

It effectively removes PM2,5 particles
- atmospheric aerosols (particulate matter), which are considered by WHO to be one of the most harmful atmospheric pollution for our and our children health. According to the WHO's reports long-term exposure to particulate matter results in a reduction in life expectancy.

Perfect for allergy sufferers - HEPA filter is allergy sufferers-friendly thanks to the fact that it stops dust and microbes. Its special construction enables to stop bacteria, mites, protozoa, mushrooms and viruses as well.

New generation of compositive materials - this filter was made of sintered glass and ensures air filtration through 0,3 µm pores. It stops at least 99,97 % of pollution which is in the air, that we breathe in.