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  • Espresso machine YOER Lungo EM02S

Power: 1450W, Pressure: 20 bar, Milk frother, Double nozzle, Cup preheat function, Removable water reservoir 1,2 L, 2 coffee cups and measure spoon with tamper, Built-in barometer, Removable drip tray and drip plate

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  • 1450W - drink in perfectly brewed coffee with delicate crema foam.
  • Pressure 20 bar - get delicious and aromatic coffee every morning.
  • Multi-purpose - brew your favourite coffee or prepare hot water.
  • 1,2 L removable water reservoir - fill and empty the reservoir without worrying about spilling of water.
  • 2 coffee filters in the set - brew one or two cups of coffee at the same time.
  • Cup preheat function - drink in perfectly warm and aromatic beverage.
  • Removable drip tray and drip plate - brew coffee and keep clean.
  • Built-in barometer - control the pressure during the operation of the espresso machine.
  • Milk frothing system - prepare delicious Cappuccino and Caffe Latte.
  • "My coffee" function - program your espresso machine and brew desired amount of coffee.
  • Measure spoon with tamper - measure perfect portion of coffee.
  • Different heights of glasses and cups - brew coffee in your favourite glass.
  • Fluent steam adjustment - adjust the density of the crema foam.
  • Double nozzle - brew two espresso coffee cups at the same time or one double cup of coffee.


  1. Cup preheat plate
  2. Built-in barometer
  3. Single or double coffee filter
  4. Measure spoon with a tamper
  5. Double-nozzle porta-filter
  6. Removable drip plate
  7. Removable drip tray
  8. Intuitive control panel
  9. Steam control knob
  10. Removable water reservoir
  11. Regulated milk frother
  12. Body made of brushed INOX stainless steel
  13. Anti-slip base


Thanks to this espresso machine you will prepare:

  1. Espresso - small portion of coffee, which will make your morning.
  2. Doppio (double Espresso) - double dose of coffeine which will wake you up.
  3. Cappuccino - drink in delicate coffee with crema foam.
  4. Caffe Latte - enjoy your milk and delicate beverage.
  5. Hot water - brew tea, herbs or make an instant soup.
  6. Frothed milk - prepare base for cocoa or hot chocolate.

✅Heating beverages with steam - heat up previously prepared beverage which has cooled down.

✅Fluent steam intensity adjustment:

  • you can adjust the viscosity of the frothed milk easily to your preferences,
  • warm, frothed milk in the form of foam will be combined with coffee, thanks to which the beverage will be more delicate.

✅"My coffee" function:

  • program the amount of brewed coffee during one cycle,
  • the device will remember the settings, thanks to which you will turn this function on by pressing one button.


1. Built-in barometer:

  • informs about proper pressure in the espresso machine during brewing coffee,
  • you can be sure that prepared coffee will have perfect taste and aroma.

Backlit control panel - control your device easily with the help of 4 buttons with backlit icons:

2. ON/OFF button - turn the espresso machine on or off by pressing one button.
3. One cup button - press it to prepare single espresso.
4. Two cups button - press it to prepare double espresso.
5. Steam button - press it to turn on the frothing milk segment.

Steam control knob - prepare crema foam which density and consistency can be adjusted to your preferences:

6. OFF position - starting position of the milk frother; set it at this position to stop making steam.
7. Steam emission regulation range - regulate fluently the steam emmision by turning the knob from position "OFF" down.
8. Hot water position - set the knob at this position to make hot water.

Remember not to press the steam button to make hot water.



1. Barometer - control the pressure during brewing coffee.

2. The porta-filter is equipped with double nozzle and two adapters:

  • brew 2 cups of coffee at the same time - prepare coffee for two people at the same time,
  • strong coffee - brew one cup of coffee, which will get you on you feet.

Two types of coffee filters:

3. Single coffee filter - brew one cup of coffee.

4. Double coffee filter - brew 2 cups of coffee at the same time.

  • Coffee filters can be removed, cleaned and reused very easily.

Preheating beverages with the help of steam - heat previously prepared beverage which has cooled down.

Steam emission regulation:

  • you can adjust the density of the frothed milk to your individual preferences,
  • warm, frothed milk in the form of foam will be combined with coffee which will help to make more delicate beverage.

"My coffee":

  • program the amount of brewed coffee during one cycle,
  • the appliance will remember the settings, thanks to which you will turn on the function by pressing one button.


The construction of the espresso machine - enables you to use different heights of cups, thanks to which you can use your favourite one:

1. Max. height of 9,8 cm (3.9 ") - a cup placed on the drip plate.

2. Max. height of 12,3 cm (4.8 ") - a cup or a glass placed after removing the drip tray and the drip plate.

3. The porta-filter is equipped with double nozzle and two adapters:

✅ Double espresso - XXL coffee:

  • double dose of coffeine in one cup,
  • perfect for those who want to start they day productively.

✅ Two cups of espresso - brew two cups of coffee at the same time and save your time:

  • Place the coffee filter in the porta-filter and fill it with coffee,
  • Set two cups on the drip plate,
  • Press double espresso button.

✔ Check how easy and convenient it is.



1,2 L removable water reservoir with a handle:

  • possibility of disassemble - will make it easy to fill, empty and clean the reservoir,
  • huge capacity of the reservoir - you will prepare more cups of coffee, which will be a perfect solution during family and business meetings,
  • profilated handle - remove and move the reservoir easily.

Removable drip tray and drip plate:

  • do not worry about dripping coffee - keep your kitchen worktop clean,
  • you can keep your espresso machine clean very easily - removable drip tray will enable you to remove the coffee residue in a convenient way.


MODERN LOOK - it will suit perfectly every kitchen interior.

Body made of high quality hand brushed INOX stainless steel:

  • durable body - enjoy your appliance for years,
  • the espresso machine is made of best materials, which not only guarantees its durability, but it also gives it high aesthetic values,
  • Body marked with YOER's logotype.

Compact size - lots of advantages:

  • it suits every small kitchen interior,
  • high output and lots of functions in one small device.
  • the espresso machine was made with your home in mind, not only when it comes to modern design, but funcitonalities and innovation as well.


1. Double lock in the porta-filter:

  • Lock of the coffee filter in the porta-filter - place the coffee filter in the porta-filter to avoid spilling of coffee and make removing coffee residues easier,
  • Lock of the porta-filter in the metal funnel holder - fix the porta-filter tightly in the espresso machine, so it will provide safety during high pressure water flow.

2. Removable water reservoir with spring valve - assemble and disassemble the water reservoir to fill, empty and clean it without worrying about spilling of water.

3. Anti-slip feet - do not worry about sudden moving of the espresso machine during brewing coffee or putting porta-filter under the metal funnel holder.

4. Removable drip tray with a float and drip plate:

  • use the espresso machine without worrying about flooding your worktop,
  • float - will inform you when you will have to empty the drip tray.

5. Automatic shutdown:

  • the espresso machine will turn off after 30 minutes of inactivity, thanks to which you do not have to remember about turning it off,
  • the pump in the espresso machine will turn off automatically after 3 minutes of the operation of the milk frother.


  • Pressure - 20 bar
  • Power - 1250-1450W
  • Water reservoir capacity - 1,2 L
  • Weight - 3,7 kg (8.2 lb)
  • Dimensions - 30,5 cm (height)  x 14 cm (width)  x 31 cm (length) (12 x 5.5 x 12.2 ")
  • Cup preheat plate dimensions - 17,7 x 9,8 cm (7 x 3.9 ")
  • Drip plate dimensions - 10 x 12 cm (3.9 x 4.7 ")
  • Drip tray dimensions - 4 x 13,8 x 12,5 cm (1.6 x 5.4 x 4.9 ")
  • Porta-filter dimensions - 20 x 6,7 x 5 cm (7.9 x 2.6 x 2 ")
  • Max. height of a glass, cup - 12,3 cm (4.8 ")
  • Body - High quality polymer and INOX stainless steel
  • Color - Silver
  • Power cord length - 90 cm (3 ft)
  • Polish power plug - 220-240 V 50/60 Hz


  1. Espresso machine
  2. Double-nozzle porta-filter
  3. Single coffee filter
  4. Double coffee filter
  5. Measure spoon with a tamper
  6. Removable drip tray
  7. Removable drip plate
  8. Removable water reservoir
  9. Original packaging


  • Espresso machine - details above,
  • Warranty card,
  • PL/ EN Instruction manual.
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PDF Document Yoer EM02S Instruction manual - Click here