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  • Steam iron YOER X-Boost SI01BK

Steam iron: cordless, 2600W, 230g/min of steam shot, ceramic soleplate, anti-calc system, automatic shutoff, quick heat-up, drip prevention, self-cleaning function, vertical and horizontal ironing

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Steam iron YOER X-Boost SI01BK



  • 2600W - get rid of even the biggest creases
  • Possibility to use it as a steamer - do not waste your time on tedious, traditional ironing
  • Cordless option - use the iron with unlimited range
  • Cordled option - enjoy your 2 meters of range while having the device plugged in
  • 5 - 20 seconds of heating up - get the device ready to work in a cordless way in a flash
  • 230 g/min strong burst fo steam - get rid of heavy creases within a couple of seconds
  • 380 ml water reservoir - iron without having to refill the water reservoir often
  • 8 levels of temperature adjustment - iron safely synthetic fabrics
  • Ceramic soleplate - enjoy effecient ironing without burning your clothes
  • 2 levels of continuous steam generation - adjust the power of steam generation to your personal needs
    • with steam - you can get rid of creases very quickly
    • without steam - get rid of creases without the use of steam
    • in a vertical position - iron comfortably without having to take the clothes off, for example a hanger
    • in a horizontal way - iron in a traditional way
    • wet ironing - spray water on persistent creases
    • dry ironing - iron fabrics prone to wrinking under the influence of water
  • Profilated ceramic soleplate with a crevice button - reach hard-to-get spots
  • Drip prevention - do not worry about water droplets on your clothes
  • Easy to keep it clean - automatic cleaning and anti-calc system will enable you to keep your device clean and functional
  • Automatic shut-off function "Strażak" ("Float") - leave the iron without supervision with no worries


  1. Ceramic soleplate
  2. Body
  3. Water reservoir with measure
  4. Temperature control knob
  5. Heating and readiness indicator
  6. Charging socket
  7. Anti-slip feet
  8. Spray nozzle
  9. Large filler opening
  10. Steam generation / self-cleaning button
  11. Steam and spray shot button
  12. Charging base lock
  13. Readiness indicator


Simple and intuitive control of the device

X-Boost is equipped with:

  1. Steam generation / self-cleaning button:
    1. Self-cleaning function - Self Clean - get rid of dirt from inside the device easily and quickly
    2. Without steam - use the iron in a traditional way
    3. I steam level - iron synthetic creases
    4. II steam level - iron heavy creases
  2. Spray button - spray and get rid of persistent creases
  3. Steam shot button - press the button to release the steam shot with one click
  4. Control knob
    • "▪" position - iron synthetic fabrics such as nylon or acatate without worrying
    • "▪▪" position - you will iron wool, silk or mixes perfectly
    • "Steam" position - you can iron with the use of steam now
    • "▪▪▪" position - iron cotton and linen
    • "MAX" position - deal with the heaviest creases within a couple of minutes
  5. OFF position - stop the device operation

Iron with steam from "▪▪" position



Automatic shut-off "Strażak" ("Float") - AUTO OFF - the device will turn off automatically, if you do not use it for:

  • 25 seconds of inactivity in horizontal position,
  • 8 minutes of inactivity in a vertical position,

Leave the device turned on without supervision:

  • ✔ avoid destroying your clothes due to burns,
  • ✔ do not worry about damaging your device due to overheating,
  • ✔ you can stop ironing any moment you want without having to unplug the iron.

Provide your relatives and yourself with safety.



Anti-calc system - ANTI CALC - will enable you to protect the iron against limescale deposits, thanks to this the device will work effectivelly and for a long time.

The soleplate free of limescale deposits - do not worry about persistent, hard-to-reach limescale deposits on your clothes.

->save your time and money:

  • avoid difficult cleaning of limescale deposits from the soleplate,
  • avoid the loss of power of steam due to dirty soleplate - keep the device functional and get efficient ironing.

Use tap water.

  1. Use water directly from the tap,
  2. Use a mixture of 50/50 tap and distilled water, if your tap water is so hard


Steam-shot 230g/min - STEAM SHOT - strong burst of steam will enable you to get rid of persistent creases.

Freedom of ironing - you can decide how you want to iron:

  • without steam - traditional ironing, perfect for synthetic fabrics,
  • with continuous steam generation - get rid of small creases on your clothes,
  • with steam-shot - while pressing and holding the button you will release hot steam which will help you get rid of heavy creases.

Steam-shot 230 g/min – the steam will enable you to iron heavy creases on thick fabrics such as jeans – you will save up to 50% of time (data for cordled ironing)

The iron produces a stream of steam yet over a distance of 100 centimeters (3.3 ft) ❗️



Self-cleaning function - SELF CLEAN - get rid of limescale deposits from the inside of the device with the help of one switch.

Clean your iron easily - it takes so little time and it brings crucial results:

  • keep the device functional for years,
  • do not worry about dirty clothes while ironing.

To clean your iron, you have to:

  • unplug the iron,
  • hold your iron above the sink, put the switch to the appropriate position to turn on the self-cleaning function.

We recommend cleaning the device after every use to get the best results.



Drip prevention - ANTI DRIP - iron with the use of steam without worrying about traces of water droplets.

Iron without persistent water stains on your clothes:

  • save your precious time,
  • iron with steam without dripping water from the soleplate,
  • avoid staining your materials with water, this funciton is especially helpfull while ironing thine fabrics.

Storing without any problems - you can set or store the iron in a horizontal position, without worrying that the water will start dripping.




1. Cordless ironing - refresh your fabrics quickly, all you have to do is hang them on, for example a hanger.

  • Up to 2 minutes of operation - the iron will keep the temperature for a long time, thanks to you will iron your T-shirt without having to charge the device.
  • Quick heat-up time - the iron in a cordless mode will be ready to work almost immediatelly after:
    • 5 seconds ➡ on the lowest power level - "▪"
    • 6 seconds ➡ on the "▪▪"
    • 10 seconds ➡ on the "Steam" mode
    • 16 seconds ➡ on the "▪▪▪" position
    • 20 seconds ➡ on the highest power level - "MAX"

2. Cordled ironing - iron in a traditional way with a maximum performance without plugging in the extension cord thanks to over 2 meters (6.6 ft) of range.

  • While using it intensivelly all you have to do is wait a couple of seconds to heat the iron again.


✔️ Iron with steam:

  • 230 mg/min. - with a steam shot,
  • 20 mg/ min. - with a constant stream of steam.

✔️ Adjust the ironing to your needs:

  • 8 levels of temperature adjustment,
  • 2 steam levels adjustment.

✔️ Capacious 380 ml water reservoir -  will let you iron while filling the tank once:

  • 25 minutes with a steam shot,
  • 20 minutes  with a continuous stream of steam.

You do not have to control the level of water, the sound signal will inform you when there is no water in the tank.



Made of high quality ceramics:

  • is much more convenient than standard irons and steamers,
  • even steam distribution on a whole surface,
  • will protect the fabrics from burns,
  • smooth glide over fabrics will ensure quick effects,
  • dry ironing and ironing with steam - get the best effects on different type of materials.

42 openings, through which 230 g/min steam is ejected.

Soleplate with button crevice - iron difficult-to-reach spots!

Smart ceramic soleplate construction will save your time and enable you to achieve effecient operation. Ironing will become such a pleasure!

- Profilated shape - thanks to which you can iron difficult-to-reach spots.

- Stampings - ensure even steam distribution.

- Button crevice - iron fabrics perfectly around the buttons.



UNIVERSAL, MODERN DESIGN - suits every interior.

High-quality body:

  • the iron is made of best materials, which quarantees the device durability.
  • the device is made with your home in mind, not only when it comes to modern design but functionality and innovation as well.
  • The body is decorated with YOER producer logotype

Compact dimensions:

  • the device is handy, thanks to which it does not take up a lot of space,
  • thanks to its small dimensions you can store it even in a drawer.

The relatively light weight of the iron makes it easy to carry and use.



  1. Base lock - lock the iron in the base and iron in a traditional way.
  2. Ceramic soleplate - even steam distribution – safe for you and your clothes.
  3. Base anti-slip feet - iron without the risk of the device moving suddenly.
  4. Readiness indicator - start ironing when you see that the indicator turns green.
  5. Profilated ceramic soleplate with crevice button - iron difficult-to-reach parts of garments and iron the space around buttons thoroughly.
  6. Drip prevention - iron with steam and do not worry about persistent traces of water droplets.
  7. Automatic shutoff function "STRAŻAK" ("FLOAT") - do not worry about not turning the iron off. The iron will turn off automatically after a few minutes of inactivity.
  8. Anti-calc system - use tap water without worrying about limescale deposits.
  9. Self-cleaning option - you will clean your iron easily, thanks to which it will be functional for years.


  • Max. power - 2600W
  • Water reservoir capacity - 380 ml
  • Weight - 0,9 kg (2 lbs)
  • Max. temperature - 250°C
  • Iron with base dimensions - 32,5 x 15 cm (12.8 x 5.9")
  • Iron dimensions - 29 x 12 cm (11.4 x 4.7")
  • Ceramic soleplate dimensions - 22,5 x 12 cm (8.9 x 4.7")
  • Base diameter - 15 cm (5.9")
  • Steam shot - 230 g/min
  • Heat-up time - 5 seconds
  • Type of soleplate - High quality ceramics
  • Body - High quality polymer
  • Color - Black with silver accents
  • Power cord length - 192 cm (6.3 ft)
  • Polish power plug - 220-240V 50-60Hz


  1. Cordless iron
  2. Base
  3. Original packaging


  • Cordless iron - details above,
  • Warranty card,
  • PL / EN Instruction manual.


When purchasing products from the official Yoer store you receive the YOER PLATINUM SECURITY package, which is an assurance of additional protection.


YOER constitutes an excellent proof that high quality of products does not necesserily go in hand with high prices.

PDF DocumentYOER SI01BK Instruction manual - Click here