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  • Coffee maker with burr grinder YOER Burrio CMG01BK

Steel burr grindeer Adjustable grinding thickness, 24 h timer, Up to 12 big or 18 small coffee cups at once, 1.5 L water reservoir, 1.5 L glass jug, Coffee machine for both coffee beans and ground coffee

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Color: Black
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YOER Burrio CMG01BK Drip Coffee Maker with Burr Grinder and 24h Timer



  1. Grinder control knob allowing for adjusting grinding thickness
  2. Backlit LCD display
  3. Control panel
  4. INOX stainless steel accents
  5. 1.5 L glass jug
  6. Anti-slip feet
  7. Ground coffee container
  8. Drip segment opening button
  9. Water level indicator
  10. Nozzle with drip prevention
  11. Jug heating plate



  • Burr grinder with 28 grinding settings - exceptionally durable, made of industrial hardened stainless steel (58-62 on the Rockwell scale)
  • Grinding thickness regulation -  28 settings will allow you to precisely adjust the thickness of the ground coffee
  • Coffee aroma and strength regulation - 3 settings on the control panel
  • Ground coffee amount selection - the adjustment allows for preparing up to 12 large or 18 small cups worth of coffee at once
  • 900 W power with energy saving functionality - allows for achieving desired effects without using much energy
  • 24 h timer - delays either both the grinding and coffee making programs, or just coffee making
  • Built-in LCD display - blue backlit intuitive control panel with clock and functionality selectors allows for controlling the coffee making process
  • Ability to use reusable or paper filters (size 4 filter)
  • Brushed INOX stainless steel accents
  • Hermetically sealed coffee bean container - protects from light and air, equipped with a silicone gasket, holds 200 g of coffee beans
  • 1.5 L water reservoir with measure
  • 1.5 L glass jug - makes pouring coffee easier
  • Coffee heating and automatic power off functionality - the jug heating plate with automatic power off functionality
  • The coffee maker is designed to work with both ground coffee and coffee beans
  • Sound indicator - informs about the operational status and finished work
  • Anti-slip base - the coffee maker is equipped with anti-slip feet, which keep the device stable



  • a. - Desired coffee cup count
  • b. - Clock showing previously set time
  • c. - Timer functionality active indicator
  • d. - Coffee making indicator
  • e. - Currently selected coffee strength indicator
  1. Grinder control knob - allows for adjusting thickness of the ground coffee
  2. "Program" button - allows for setting the timer
  3. "Grind Off" button - disables the burr grinder
  4. "Strength Control" button - allows for adjusting the strength of the coffee to individual needs
  5. "ON/OFF" button - Power ON/OFF
  6. "Grind Control" button - adjusts the amount of coffee to be ground (possible selection: 2-12 cups worth)
  7. "Hour" button - allows for setting the timer hour
  8. "Min" button - allows for adjusting the timer minute


Modern design - high quality INOX steel accents give the device a unique look

Built-in LCD display - not only does it make using the device easier, but also gives it an exclusive aesthetic

Intuitive control panel - ensures that using the device is hassle-free, owing to which you can quickly prepare the desired amount of coffee cups

24 hour timer - the coffee maker can begin operation at the hour set by by the user, owing to which you will be able to enjoy a freshly prepared beverage each morning. A hot cup of coffee is a great start to your day




  • Will grind coffee beans in seconds giving it unforgettable aroma without allowing it to lose any of the taste
  • Unique coffee grinding system utilizing steel burrs
  • Possibility of grinding thickness regulation will ensure the strength of the coffee is suited to your needs every time
  • The tight, hermetically sealed 200 g coffee container ensures unchanged coffee aroma every day. A single filling of the container enables preparing a lot of coffee, which makes it indispensable when you have visitors


Why should you choose a burr grinder?

  • The burr grinder holds burrs similar to those used in industrial grain grinding. Burrs are rotating pieces that crush the beans into a very fine powder.
  • Made of tempered steel, which prevents rust.
  • Ground coffee does not change its organoleptic properties, long grinding does not influence the taste or smell of coffee.
  • A low-rev system enables the user to obtain perfectly ground coffee.
  • The steel conic burrs are wear-resistant and ensure durability of the appliance.
  • The ground coffee does not heat up as much as it does in an impact grinder.
  • The grinding thickness regulation is achieved through adjusting the spacing between the burrs.
  • During grinding, coffee dust, which sours the beverage, is not created.
  • The prepared coffee keeps its aroma for a long time.
  • You can adjust the amount of coffee to be ground. To do this, simply pick the amount of coffee cups using the control panel.


Ability to use a reusable filter or paper filters - included in the set is a permanent reusable filter that does away with the need to constantly replace filters after each use of the coffee machine.

The permanent filter needs only to be emptied and carefully cleaned, after which it is ready to be used again, so there is no need to spend money on additional filters. For afficionados of traditional solutions, single-use paper filters can also be used.

The coffee maker is designed to work with both coffee beans and ground coffee so you do not have to constrain yourself to just one type of coffee. The fragrant beverage is prepared using coffee beans in the grinder container, while, if you want to use ground coffee, you should use the single-use or reusable filter.


1.5 L water reservoir - allows for preparing up to 12 large or 18 small coffee cups worth of coffee at once, which will save you a lot of precious time.

Easy to read water level indicator - located on the reservoir assures control over the water level.

Auto power off functionality - after the coffee-making cycle is over, the device will keep the prepared beverage hot for 35 minutes, after which it will automatically turn off.

This functionality prevents the coffee from getting cold right after it was prepared, and owing to the auto power off functionality, your power bill will be lower than until now.


1.5 L glass jug - equipped with an ergonomic handle allowing for safe carrying of the hot coffee without the risk of burning, as well as a spout that makes it easier to pour the coffee to the cup.

The jug with prepared coffee can be put on a table, allowing your guests to fill their cups according to their preferences.


Drip prevention - the device was equipped with a drip prevention mechanism in the form of a spring, which, when released, blocks the spilling of coffee out of the appliance.

This construction enables taking the jug out of the coffee machine without spilling a single drop of coffee.

Moreover, owing to this functionality, emptying the coffee filter will be exceptionally simple, because lifting up the filter base will cause the drip prevention to trip and block the flow of coffee, which will allow you to keep your kitchen and the device clean.



  1. Filter lid
  2. Reusable filter
  3. Filter base
  4. Glass jug
  5. Coffee maker
  6. Original packaging
  7. Coffee measure
  8. Warranty card
  9. Grinder chamber lid

You will receive:

  • Receipt / VAT invoice
  • PL / EN instruction manual


  • Water reservoir capacity: 1.5 L
  • Jug capacity 1.5 L
  • Max power: 900 W
  • Power cord length: 98 cm (38.6'')
  • Weight: 4.2 kg (9.3'')
  • Dimensions: 43.1 cm (height) x 21.6 cm (width) x 26 cm (length) (17 x 8.5 x 10.2'')
  • Color: Black with steel accents
  • Polish power plug 220-240V 50/60Hz



 PDF Document YOER CMG01BK instruction manual - Click here

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